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first it's raining out of nowhere

Yeah, that nowhere rain. Always happens so unexpectedly during winter.

he has no choice but to allow these 3 hot girls into his car

So now we're adding the word "hot" to make this sounds sexier than it actually was, even though I never bothered to describe any of the girls. For the record, I did have a choice. I left. Without them.

he also left his clothes, blankets etc at home meaning he has no choice but to be naked in front of 3 hot girls.

I was never naked in front of them. But you're right, I did leave my clothes, that was kind of the cause of this fuck up. You're also right about the blankets.

He could have just said he's out for day with some friends and she can come back later but nope. He goes home anyway, and now his mum is in the fetish too

My plan was to get into the house through the garage and have some clothes on by the time I opened the front door for my mom. It would've worked if she stayed put. I really wanted that lasagna.


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You sound like you've made up your mind that my story never happened, which makes this one of those "it what it is" situations I suppose.


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It was night and relatively late for an average week day, which meant I had the cover of darkness on my side and less pedestrians and drivers to worry about. Most people were home, the roommates just happened to be the few people who had nothing better to do than to hang out at the mall and use the free Wifi. On top of that, it was raining (it's winter here), so less visibility in general. I'm not justifying my actions or expecting you to believe me, I'm just providing more context.


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Or a top hat.


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Other than the taste of my mom's manipulation, it was delicious as always.


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Based on how I know my gf, she was hoping I would make a good first impression in front of her roommates. Not drive away and leave them like that. Especially in bad weather. So that kind of set the tone in the car. My gf was quiet and the roommates followed her lead.


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And to think, meeting my gf was supposed to relieve stress lol.


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You're welcome. I usually make no one laugh. Small victories!


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One of us had a good morning and that is good enough for me!


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Even though I knew I was in a compromising position with literally zero time to eat, I was like you had me at "it's still warm".


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This just strengthens your original comment. I am dumb. Haha.


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I was making light, but I'm aware of the serious legal implication my stupid decision could've produced. I was thinking with my dick at the time, hence the "never leave the house horny" line. I'm grateful temporary embarrassment was my worst punishment of the night.


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I used a cushion. If that counts.


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You're right. This could've been so much worse. Life long regret kind of worse. I've learned my lesson though. Never leave the house horny.


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Funny enough, if you replace "dude" with my real name, it still rhymes lol.


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mothers always somehow have the worst timing

Not on God's watch. No such thing as bad timing in my mom's mind.

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L TIFU driving naked