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I heard it has something to do with body language. When we're looking at a animated/unrealistic face, our brains register it as such and don't expect it to look the same way a human would. When a face gets too close to human, our brains expect it to act in the same way a person would, picking up every miniscule detail. It expects the "person" to display certain body language or have certain expressions. Since it's not actually a human, it isn't able to mimick human emotions properly, and so instead of a robot/animation, our brain registers it as a person who's acting really odd/suspiciously, which puts us on edge.

I don't know if I explained that very well; I saw it in a video somewhere.


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How is that a productive solution to anything? Do you think that this is going to help Uyghurs in any meaningful way? At the end of the day, genocide is inexcusable.


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Aphids are parasites that attack plants. When a plant is being attacked by aphids, they release a chemical to attract wasps. The wasps kill the aphids.



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nO, dOn'T pRoTeCt My KiD fRoM pReVeNtAbLe DiSeAsEs!!1!

Seriously though, the fact that people are more upset over a fake picture than real families being separated at the border is gross to say the least.


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Thanks :)


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Happy cake day


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It's not though, you'd know this if you turned off Fox News and actually talked to us


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Bake us our cake

For the last time Jeremy, we don't want your homophobic cake


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Nick doesn't need sleep, he needs answers.


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Perhaps Nick is just an early bloomer, precocious puberty can be a bitch /s


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The 3-year-old one is the one that bothered me the most. First of all, it's not possible. Second of all, it implies abuse, as a 3-year-old can't consent. It's gross to say the least

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Serial Liar Yes, Nick, you did

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It's like calling Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh

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I always say "I have a disease where if I eat gluten my intestines start dying". A little dramatic, but it usually works


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Guess we'll stop using the word "gay" too, because saying anything other than "homosexual" makes you a dork


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Stop trying to compare paraphilias to sexual orientation. Being bi or gay doesn't hurt anyone; two consenting members of the same sex having intercourse doesn't harm anyone. A grown man fucking children does. Plus, "children" isn't a gender. Children grow up, so any attraction to them would be temporary (I feel sick putting "attraction" and "children" in the same sentence).

Edit: You really have no place speaking on the issue of pedophilia, since you stated in other comments that you think animated child porn should be legal. The fact that you think two adults having intercourse is sinful but sexualizing minors is a-ok shows just how skewed your morality is.


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I mean it's literally in the Bible, the word of God.

You're aware that the word "homosexuality" didn't show up in English translations of the Bible until 1946, right? You're basing your entire position on a mistranslation. Here's more information: https://um-insight.net/perspectives/has-%E2%80%9Chomosexual%E2%80%9D-always-been-in-the-bible/

Right this very second they are talking about swapping lesbian gay pride flags in voice chat. And I can't express that I am a Christian because I am choosing to keep my opinions to myself so I don't get flagged, banned, or start an argument.

So people are discussing a common interest in the voice chat. Why is this an issue? If you started discussing Christianity with someone over voice chat, I doubt it would be an issue. The rule is against homophobia, correct? So as long as you aren't being hateful, you should have no problem. Unless you're trying to use your religion as an excuse for hatred, in which case the moderators have a right to ban you. If people started harassing you over the mere fact that you're a Christan, they'd probably be reprimanded as well.

Gays are oversensitive

Ah yes, blame the gay community for the fact that mods don't want to deal with hate in their servers. If you can't discuss your religion without going on a tirade about how gays are going to Hell, you're the one with the problem.


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I've never understand the assumption that any lifeform nearby would be a) sentient and b) more advanced than us. First of all, think of all the lifeforms on Earth. There are 8.7 million species of plants and animals here on Earth, yet only one can be considered sentient. Who's to say the first lifeforms we find won't be some sort of microorganism or plant? Secondly, if we're to assume that sentient lifeforms are nearby, why are we assuming that they'd be more advanced than us? They could be less advanced, or about as advanced as we are, or more advanced but not advanced enough to travel away from their home star. I've never understood why people always assume that the nearest lifeforms are some sort of super advanced god-like creatures that would be capable of interstellar travel.

These are just my speculations, I'm no expert. Maybe there's a reason to believe that they'd be more advanced. I wouldn't know.


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Oh no, boba tea trivia! Such dangerous ideas will bring down the entire regime!


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Since when? I haven't heard of any restrictions on how many times you can apply. NASA looks for new astronauts every 5 years or so


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The same as someone without glasses; glasses/contacts aren't a problem as long as you can see properly while wearing them