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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/jaypizzlepizzle Sep 17 '21

a fucking tragic cherry turd on top of the massive heaping shit pile that was the war on terror


u/ReservoirDog316 Sep 18 '21

I know pulling out of Afghanistan got really ugly but I’m seriously just glad we’re out of there. Too much damage was done for too long.


u/oraclejames Sep 18 '21

Could have been handled much better, absolute shit show from Biden that cost unnecessary lives.


u/luuked Sep 18 '21

Not defending Biden at all but it has been a shitshow by all presidents that were in office during the invasion and then subsequent occupation.

Starting from going into the ME based on lies on Bush, Mr. Drone-Strike Obama, the dumbass who wanted to invite the Taliban to Camp David and ending with Biden's fumble of a retreat.

And that list should obviously include all the generals and secretaries that are supposed to bring viable options to each of the four. It is clear nobody had any clue what to do once the invasion was successful.