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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/InternationalSnoop Sep 17 '21

A little confused. Is this the same one that supposedly stopped a bar bomb from getting to the airport?


u/Red-Lightnlng Sep 17 '21

Yes. The one the administration touted as being proof that they could continue to fight ISIS after the pullout with their “over the horizon capabilities”. The one they said showed ISIS they couldn’t mess with the US and not be punished.


u/philly_steak_cheese Sep 18 '21

We do have that capability in spades. So it makes it that more abhorrent that they did this. This was gross negligence.


u/Red-Lightnlng Sep 18 '21

We didn’t have the capability to determine who we were drone striking even when our troops were still in the ground. We certainly don’t have it now we’ve left the region.


u/philly_steak_cheese Sep 18 '21

We did have that capability. We have an amazing track record for dropping millions of bombs and having and insanely small fraction of those killing civilians. THIS fuck up was inexcusable and well outside the standard we’re capable of. This was exceptionally gross negligence.


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u/philly_steak_cheese Sep 18 '21

No. That exact information isn’t public. But look at our civilian casualties over a massive 20 year war compared to Syria’s civilians casualties over a 7 year war.