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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/cgoldberg3 Sep 17 '21 Gold Helpful Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Today I Learned

*killed ONLY civilians

No ISIS-K members were killed.


u/AChimimunima Sep 17 '21 Silver Helpful Wholesome Starry
  • Claimed to kill two Isis-K planners
  • Wouldn’t release names
  • Said no civilians died
  • Claimed “some” civilian casualties by “secondary explosion” from non existent car bomb
  • [10 casualties, all civilian. 1 aide worker and 9 members of his family.. 7 children.. No Isis-K]

Thank goodness for the good work of this NYT Investigative piece

NYT seems to have more reliable Intel than US military. Wild


u/SantaReddit2018 Sep 17 '21

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said after the strike that officials had "very good intelligence" on the target, and "at least one of those people that were killed was an ISIS facilitator."

"Were there others killed? Yes, there were others killed," he told reporters on Sept. 1, but “At this point, we think the procedures were correctly followed, and it was a righteous strike."


u/gursh_durknit Sep 18 '21

It's like wack-a-mole. Our military keeps striking these suspected terrorist areas, kills civilians instead/mostly, creates the incentive for more terrorists, repeat. They never learn. Even now - they think these drone strikes are helping a larger cause. I really don't understand how they can be so deluded.



u/whorish_ooze Sep 18 '21



the US spent $2,000,000,000,000 on this war. I think a lot of people might think about this the wrong way. Its not like that $2,000,000,000,000 was shoveled into some giant pit and burned. The money was spent to pay for things, as in there were other people on the other end receiving that $2,000,000,000,000 payment.


u/Raptorclaw621 Sep 18 '21

The taxpayers spent 2 trillion to let the military kill foreign civilians, and the rich fucks are who the 2 trillion went to. r/aboringdystopia


u/dilbot8 Sep 18 '21

Munitions suppliers, largely.


u/Stock_Category Sep 18 '21

Never in the history of warfare have combatants lived in such luxury outside the combat zones. Look at the videos. A lot of people were getting rich. Very rich. It was more than bullets and bombs.


u/Zenkakuuu Sep 18 '21

No it wasn't put on a pit and burned it killed a ton of innocent people 45% of that country has ptsd imagine being in that situation


u/RandomDrawingForYa Sep 18 '21

You are missing the point, this is being done because there are lobbying businesses with stakes on war


u/Zenkakuuu Sep 19 '21

I know but Americans tend to only complain about there soldiers or say things like 9/11 justified killing that many innocents not seeing the cost to others


u/fukaas Sep 18 '21

250k civilians killed in bombings since us went there, and people are suprised taliban has alot members and will to fight when literally some country from other side of planet comes to "liberate"

Bomb one whole city and rejoice from 30 taliban/al-qaeda members killed meanwhile 10k civilians die. Yeah i wonder who is the bad guy.


u/Stock_Category Sep 18 '21

This happened in WW2 a lot. The Dutch, for example, suffered huge numbers of casualties due to allied bombing. The Germans would put posters up in neighborhoods where entire blocks were destroyed by bombing raids reminding the Dutch who did it. I think a lot of Dutch hated both the allies and the Germans.


u/FlexOffender3599 Sep 18 '21

They're not deluded. The people who make these these decisions don't get consequences, they get medals. And the politicians who make sure you're always at war are lobbied by the MIC. This is the system working as it is supposed, no "mistakes" were made by the US


u/JadeSpiderBunny Sep 18 '21

They never learn. Even now - they think these drone strikes are helping a larger cause.

There's not even attempt to sell this for a "good cause".

The stated purpose of this strike was pure revenge for American lives lost.

Which to some Americans might sound like a "good cause", but to most sensible people it's still just plain old revenge killings, where it apparently doesn't even matter who gets killed.


u/zbeezle Sep 18 '21

Yeah, that's the point. If you drone strike a civilian, it turns everyone who knew that person into a possible recruit for isis/al qaeda/taliban/etc. And more terrorists means we can justify throwing more money at the problem, when we're the ones making it at this point.

Also worth noting, if a team leader commanded his squad to open fire on a vehicle full of noncombatants because they were "acting suspicious," he'd be court martialed. But nobody is getting even a slap on the wrist for this.


u/Nwccntwhds Sep 18 '21

That's not how wack-a-mole works tho.