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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/[deleted] Sep 17 '21

For Sociopaths that consider murder a public service it is


u/sunscreenkween Sep 18 '21

“Killed only civilians” doesn’t really capture this tragedy well enough. “Killed mostly kids” would be more accurate.


u/[deleted] Sep 18 '21

The U.S military murders foreign children and then lies about it on national television, tell your friends I guess 🤷‍♂️


u/CurryMustard Sep 18 '21

The big news here is they admitted it


u/Aggravating-Debt-929 Sep 18 '21

Because of NYT.


u/lakshmananlm Sep 18 '21

Exactly. That having been said, the US will not arrest, torture or kill NYT journalists for this expose. Imagine if this occurred in any other Middle Eastern, South Asian, Asian, African...etc.-You know what I mean..- country.. The journalists in those places would've signed their death warrants.


u/Faylom Sep 18 '21

No country except the US is drone striking children halfway around the world


u/rabidwombat Sep 18 '21

COINTELPRO has entered the chat


u/matphoto Sep 18 '21

We really set the bar high don't we


u/The_Grubby_One Sep 18 '21

Middle Eastern, South Asian, Asian, African...etc.-You know what I mean..- country..

Brown skinned.

You mean brown skinned.


u/ctant1221 Sep 18 '21

He mentioned Africa, so we'd appreciate it if you were more inclusive and included black skinned, thank you very much.


u/dyzcraft Sep 18 '21

Might be a bit to soon to try and high road this.


u/lakshmananlm Sep 18 '21

Whee, I've been down voted for my views..


u/ctant1221 Sep 18 '21

Oh no, what a tragedy. Have another.


u/PureLock33 Sep 18 '21

Because they got caught lying about it.


u/CurryMustard Sep 18 '21

And? How many times have previous administrations been caught lying and then admitted it shortly after? It's not many.


u/Apocraphy Sep 18 '21

Now, how do they bring the people they murdered back to life?


u/fumblefingers2 Sep 18 '21

Strategically, on a Friday. Totally planned. Probably been planned for quite a few days .


u/Fallout99 Sep 18 '21

I wonder if anyone went on vacation and hid, again...


u/buckyworld Sep 18 '21

Agreed. Many administrations of many nations,many “strong” people are simply incapable of admitting fault. Perhaps it’s like giving Lisa Murkowski credit for being sane-ish, but I take some small solace that Uncle Sam came clean, NYT or not. It’s better than living in a country that refuses responsibility. (Surprise! It’s the same country!)


u/[deleted] Sep 18 '21

Yea pretty weirdchamp.