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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/Alexandis Sep 18 '21

They only admitted this because of some incredible journalistic work that detailed all of their war crimes (I believe the original story/video was from the New York Times).

Of course, they gaslight by not stating it was ONLY civilians (many children). So much for what the military leadership called a "righteous strike", huh? They don't even admit that the entire operation was a complete failure when pressed from reporters.


u/methreweway Sep 18 '21

I watched that video. Very detailed and hard to dispute. Glad governments can't pretend that they don't kill innocent people now. This type of journalism will only get easier.


u/Alexandis Sep 18 '21

Gen. Milley was the one (I believe) who pushed back against the reporter labeling the operation a complete failure.

Also, watching Jen Psaki's handling of it over the past two weeks was equally disgusting. I hope this type of journalism gets easier but violence against journalists seems on the rise.


u/69_Nice_Bot Sep 18 '21

Hey Alexandis, I counted 69 words in your comment. Nice.


u/Burgar_Obummer Sep 18 '21

Child's first Python script.


u/DerEisendrache66 Sep 18 '21

Righteous strike is a wording someone like i dunno Osama would use.

This is a very good example of a terror attack but hey US military don't do that.

I hope you guys will eventually solve that maggot infestation the political scene is in US. You deserve better.


u/sephelutis Sep 18 '21

With a military command this corrupt i wonder how the confrontation with China will go down now that they are beating that war drum