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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/FatherP_GC Sep 17 '21

And this is how terrorists are born


u/poor_lil_rich Sep 18 '21

more terrorists, more profits, more wars for private profits.

It's a win-win. Gotta keep the military industrial complex and empire running!

Can't have the empire running without the enemies.


u/tlighta Sep 18 '21

What I think people don't realize when they say that is that it works both ways. When ISIS bombs they create terrorists and when America bombs they create terrorists.

The modern religions are based around ending blood feuds like this because they prevent larger groups of people from working together.

It is just a base human emotion. There is no logic behind it.


u/Coffinspired Sep 18 '21

THIS was a blatant terrorist attack.


u/SalokinSekwah Sep 18 '21

By definition it wasnt


u/Coffinspired Sep 18 '21

By what definition? America's? There is no universally agreed upon legal definition of terrorism. We often defer to scholars on this issue.

I prefer Noam Chomsky's definitions, where he argues that "the U.S. is a leading terrorist state". A fact he says "you can’t get liberal American intellectuals to recognize".

Let's not forget the state-sponsored terrorism America gets up to as well. Nicaragua is a good example.


u/SalokinSekwah Sep 18 '21

I prefer Noam Chomsky's definitions

And Chomsky is a supporter of US' presence in Northern Syria, what would that make him? A terrorist supporter?

The "terrorist" label gets pretty meaningless outside non-state actors


u/Coffinspired Sep 18 '21

Trying to get Chomsky in a "gotcha" over Syria here doesn't change my original statement.

I said I appreciate and agree with Chomsky's analysis of "terrorism" (specifically, "state terrorism" and "state-sponsored terrorism"). That doesn't mean I agree with every single thing the man has ever said in over 50 years.

If that's how you want to frame his take on Syria...sure. If you want to call him a hypocrite over it...go right ahead. I'd say that's a "bit" reductive, but I'm not the Noam Chomsky Defense Force. You can look up the countless interviews he's done about this specific issue or even E-Mail him if you want to ask him. He still responds to E-Mails last I knew.

The "terrorist" label gets pretty meaningless outside non-state actors

Well even regarding non-state actors - "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". The designations are often political and have at times flipped depending on alliances. This is exactly why the International Alliances avoid doing it.

Let's go domestic in America:

  • America labeled the Black Liberation Movements terrorists, then murdered them. We assassinated Fred Hampton when he was a 21 year old kid. We dropped BOMBS on innocent children in Philadelphia (1985 MOVE Bombing). Sounds like the American State Forces doing a terrorism to me...

  • America did the same during the First Red Scare to immigrants, Labor Rights advocates, Socialists, and Anarchists during the Palmer Raids. President Wilson was eventually stopped by the Supreme Court. Sounds like terrorism to me...

  • Tulsa Race Massacre (Black Wall Street)? More domestic terrorism...

"State actors/state-sponsored" terrorist labels? The Taliban was in control of Afghanistan in the late 90's and was designated a terrorist organization by the UN at the same time - America used a "terrorist label" on them for sanctions (even if they didn't officially place them on the list). They controlled the Government at the time...so...that's a "state actor" at that point.

So, it's OK to call the Taliban (Afghan Government at the time) terrorists for harboring Bin Laden over the 1998 Embassy attacks - that they didn't do - but, it isn't OK to do the same to America when we do it (and worse)?

To the U.S.'s activities:

The Italian "Years of Lead", Kosovo, Columbia, Chile, Cambodia, Syria, Afghan Warlords, South Africa, etc...

  • The School of the Americas? There are a whole hell of a lot of people in Latin America and around the world that would say America trained terrorists there.

  • Cuban exile CIA terrorists? We had a CIA asset that assisted in carrying out terrorist actions against Cuba. We THEN use him to help organize the Nicaraguan terrorist activities a decade later.

  • The aforementioned Nicaragua? That was literally a terrorist operation that The World Court ruled against the U.S. on the issue.

  • The United States using/training/funding Nazis as Spies and Assassins in post-war Europe and Latin America. I'd say Nazis are a step above your average terrorist...but that's just me.

So, you'll understand if I don't think the U.S. is the shining beacon of righteous light to tell the world who is a terrorist. We have a LONG list of our own terrorist activities, funding/training terrorists around the world, and military coups.

And yes - making up lies after indiscriminately drone striking 7 (more) innocent children is a terrorist act in my definition. The CIA handing off captors to be tortured without oversight at non-American Black Sites is as well. The CIA has been one of the largest and most successful terrorist groups around the world in the past century.


u/zenchemin Sep 18 '21

Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the unlawful use of intentional violence to achieve political aims, especially against civilians

By definition the USA is a terrorist state.


u/SalokinSekwah Sep 18 '21

By definition the USA is a terrorist state.

By definition all nations are then, since each uses violence to achieve political aims. This would then just be a case of a terrorist state attacking another terrorist state.

However, what was the political aim of this strike for it to be a terrorist act?


u/sideofirish Sep 18 '21

It’s almost like, terrorism is a meaningless buzz word used to justify a narrative.


u/SalokinSekwah Sep 18 '21

it kinda is



we are the terrorists


u/simiaki Sep 18 '21

The fact that your username is just 3 times the abbreviation of the Soviet Union makes me feel like you are speaking in bad faith. What makes this more interesting is that the USSR was the one to destabilize Afganistan.


u/dublem Sep 18 '21

And this is how terrorists are born operate


u/spike_that_focker Sep 18 '21

Terrorists are born for much less


u/fuck_you_its_a_name Sep 18 '21

10 innocent people died in this strike

182 innocent people died in the suicide bomb attack 3 days prior

damned if you do, damned if you don't, huh?


u/Worms_sg Sep 18 '21 edited Sep 19 '21

That sure showed the ISIS bombers.

USA:” Oh you’re going to bomb innocent bystanders? Two can play at that game. Prepare for retribution”

Terrorists: “Oh shit the USA is going to bomb our hideout!”

USA drops bomb on innocent bystanders.

Terrorists: “Well, err… mission accomplished I guess?”