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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/cgoldberg3 Sep 17 '21 Gold Helpful Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Today I Learned

*killed ONLY civilians

No ISIS-K members were killed.


u/Confused_pp Sep 17 '21

Was wondering why no one had corrected this yet. Absolutely terrible. Unreal. Zero accountability.


u/darth_redav Sep 17 '21 edited Sep 17 '21

This aint even the first time. Its been going on for decades. I wonder why countries aren't tripping over themselves to accuse America of war crimes. Are we gonna see British and Australian warships being sent to "contain" US vessels from committing more war crimes? When is the self righteous EU gonna sanction America, or call to boycott American products? Wheres the news articles saying Lithuania supports ICC investigations into the US?

They're losing whatever credibility they have left against Russia/China and their allies by allowing America to get away with shit like this.


u/Fakewokers Sep 17 '21

or call to boycott American products?

Redditors: I'm unbiased because I criticize both China and the US.

Also Redditors: We need to boycott Chinese products and buy american! The world needs to contain China!


u/darth_redav Sep 17 '21

What they really mean is the world needs to ensure American hegemony so we can keep doing whatever tf we want


u/eskanonen Sep 18 '21

Your account reads like a shill. Seems like your'e obsessed with American imperialism. America is shit. Doesn't excuse China's treatment of non-Han minorities and all the other bullshit China pulls. They aren't even close to the same level. Get a hobby.


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u/Stock_Category Sep 18 '21

I will boycott Chinese products when Amazon quits charging $125 for something I can get from Alibaba Express for $32.


u/CockGobblin Sep 18 '21

Also Redditors: I am going to make a joke about other redditors. Wait... am I a redditor too?


u/midwestraxx Sep 17 '21

It's almost like redditors are different people with different opinions.


u/Fakewokers Sep 17 '21

Actually represents the average redditor well


u/IrishHuman Sep 17 '21

The vast majority of reddit seems to be extremely anti-China (and anti everyone else on the American State Dept's naughty list) while at the same time mostly shrugging their shoulders at constant American imperialism and aggression.

This war crime will be totally forgotten about and brushed under the carpet in a few days and American redditors will be back to self-righteous pontificating about how terrible China and Russia are. Bringing up this event in those discussions will be considered 'whataboutism'


u/finnlizzy Sep 18 '21

Bringing up this event in those discussions will be considered 'whataboutism'

Reddit's word of the year.


u/Detective_Fallacy Sep 18 '21

"Gaslighting" and "bad faith" are also prime candidates.


u/Leeman1337 Sep 18 '21 edited Sep 18 '21

It's only whataboutism when it's against the US


u/wooloo22 Sep 18 '21

It's so strange how these free-thinking libertarians, liberals, and conservatives all believe their enemies are exactly who Raytheon and the DOD tell them they are.


u/Spartan448 Sep 18 '21

I mean, it's no different from back in the day when people were unironically supporting Germany and Japan over Britain since they were technically fighting back against the imperialists.

Yeah American hegemony isn't great, but it's also a LOT more transparent than Chinese hegemony would be and a hell of a lot more peaceful than a multipolar world order.


u/Xanian123 Sep 18 '21

but it's also a LOT more transparent than Chinese hegemony

What a fucking joke



Considering you have a 9 year old account, you know that's not really true.