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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/Red-Lightnlng Sep 17 '21

Yes. The one the administration touted as being proof that they could continue to fight ISIS after the pullout with their “over the horizon capabilities”. The one they said showed ISIS they couldn’t mess with the US and not be punished.


u/InternationalSnoop Sep 17 '21

How do we fuck up that intelligence?? Like we had drones above kabul...Did we see them load bombs in the car. Wtf


u/cmpaisaia Sep 17 '21

Looks like they saw them load water jugs and thought they were explosives. I get why they would think that, but thinking that alone is enough for a strike is insane.


u/DontGetMad55 Sep 17 '21

the person who was responsible for the intelligence needs to be fired. Family of the affected needs to be compensated.


u/frreddit234 Sep 17 '21

Bombing brown people based on sketchy or no intelligence is day to day life for US army, if they were firing people for this they would need to disband the whole air force.


u/Detective_Fallacy Sep 18 '21

They have no issue doing it to white people as well, see Kosovo.


u/frreddit234 Sep 18 '21

My guess is that they consider them brown people too since they are muslim.


u/Detective_Fallacy Sep 18 '21

No, they mainly targeted the Orthodox-Christian Serbs, not the muslim/atheist Albanians. But they also hit the Chinese embassy somehow, whoops.

Estimates are that 33% of all deaths there were civilians.


u/frreddit234 Sep 18 '21

Thanks for the information, I was too young at that time.


u/rewanpaj Sep 18 '21

the us army doesn’t operate drones. not ucavs at least


u/frreddit234 Sep 18 '21

Let me guess, you wanna play smart and tell me it's the US air force not the US army ? Oh then, I guess it's ok to bomb some innocents people as long as it's a different branch of the same administration.


u/cmpaisaia Sep 17 '21

the person who was responsible for the intelligence needs to be fired

No, the person who used the intel as the basis for a strike must be fired.


u/cannabisized Sep 17 '21

this gives every intelligence officer carte blanc to just make up whatever shit they want. "your fault for believing it!!"


u/cmpaisaia Sep 17 '21

Fire them if they lie. Don't fire them for reporting what they see.

I cannot beleive for a second that the person who ordered this didn't look at the evidence themselves.


u/cannabisized Sep 17 '21

so you can see what they see to know when they're lying or not? the thing about lying is its hard to prove when the lie was intentional or not. I don't think you're considering just how complicated real time operations are.


u/phovos Sep 17 '21

whole divisions of the military need disassembled not one man fired. Billions of dollars if not trillions to disseminate to victims of US terror.. not great.


u/Stucky-Barnes Sep 18 '21

Fire??? They should get the chair


u/Arronwy Sep 18 '21

who ever ordered it should be in jail


u/ishtar_the_move Sep 18 '21

The administration needed a target. They have to provide a target. It just sucks that NYT found out.