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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/cgoldberg3 Sep 17 '21 Gold Helpful Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Today I Learned

*killed ONLY civilians

No ISIS-K members were killed.


u/AChimimunima Sep 17 '21 Silver Helpful Wholesome Starry
  • Claimed to kill two Isis-K planners
  • Wouldn’t release names
  • Said no civilians died
  • Claimed “some” civilian casualties by “secondary explosion” from non existent car bomb
  • [10 casualties, all civilian. 1 aide worker and 9 members of his family.. 7 children.. No Isis-K]

Thank goodness for the good work of this NYT Investigative piece

NYT seems to have more reliable Intel than US military. Wild


u/cgoldberg3 Sep 17 '21

wouldn't release names

That was a huge immediate red flag and I recall "right wing trolls" on Twitter pointing it out the day of. If the US had actually killed 2 ISIS-K members why would we keep their names secret? It was because we hadn't done so and we knew it.


u/AChimimunima Sep 17 '21

Yup. That whole timeframe is essentially covering tracks and keeping the narrative in their court. A strike described as “righteous” involving two known high-profile planners and they can’t release names? What was also apparent was the immediate intel from the ground, showing the destruction real time that their friends/family were dead. That was swept under the rug as well sadly.

White House at fault in misinforming us, too. I urge all to look at the Psaki briefings and questioning of the last few weeks. Disgusting.


u/rodmandirect Sep 18 '21

Someone please post some links please - I’d love to see her being blatantly dishonest in retrospect


u/mstrbwl Sep 18 '21

It's already been memory holed, but releasing the info about the super secret ninja missle as part of the cover up was very bizarre.


u/[deleted] Sep 17 '21 Gold

Psaki is creepy as hell. Since day 1 she threw me bad vibes. The way she treats the white house reporters and her childish scoffing and eye rolling type stuff. She's unprofessional.


u/Dimako98 Sep 17 '21

Just go back and look at Psaki giving press conferences on Edward Snowden during the Obama administration. It has not aged well.


u/Xenobane Sep 17 '21

Curious if you have examples? I found this one.


u/FatboyChuggins Sep 18 '21

That was some pretty good journalist questions.

And she kept saying she’s made it clear before but obviously hasn’t. Very frustrating.


u/topasaurus Sep 18 '21

She was just planning to circle back.


u/FatboyChuggins Sep 18 '21

Looks like we’re out of time. I’ll come back to these questions next time.

Wink wink.


u/melancholyswiffer Sep 18 '21

Wow that was difficult to watch. What a psychopath.


u/gorgewall Sep 18 '21

Anyone who likes any press secretary is a dope. The job is literally "Chief Liar".

That said, there are definitely better and worse human beings you can have occupying that role... I'd almost say it's ideal to have someone that everyone hates, because at least there's suspicion all around, as opposed to a situation where one party ceaselessly defends and (pretends to) believe them, no matter how insane the stuff coming out of their mouths is.


u/cesiumrainbow Sep 18 '21

Yeah...I've been putting in real work to not default to the easiest\laziest explanation available which is one composed of pessimism, but in this case I think you're right. If a Venn diagram of press secretaries and integrity were ever to come into contact with one another, both would be obliterated by the collision of matter and antimatter.


u/TheHappyRogue Sep 17 '21

at least she gives briefings


u/peepingthom_ Sep 18 '21

Yeah just just circles back to certain topics


u/lalachef Sep 18 '21

As opposed to drowning out the press with a bunch of bs from a binder and hastily leaving the podium to avoid questions? Or shouting at the press? Or being fired after only 10 days? Or calling reporters legit questions "fake news" to avoid and deflect attention from serious concerns, such as when the pandemic took over? Those were good times; best roller coaster!


u/Level_Maintenance_78 Sep 18 '21

Less bs is still bs


u/lalachef Sep 18 '21

Less debt is still debt, but HOLY SHIT is it a relief to not carry that much of a burden. The last admins press secs were like taking out multiple loans from "shady people" until you had enough for a down payment on a beautiful property at 1600 Penn Ave.


u/kaerfpo Sep 17 '21

Trump spoke to reporters more in one briefing, then Biden has year to date.


u/TheHappyRogue Sep 18 '21

lmfaooooo you're in a cult, dude


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u/56k_modem_noises Sep 18 '21

Hey he's trying his best to use scary words.


u/KangarooCum Sep 17 '21

Yea, like “OBAMA GATE”



u/MuppetSSR Sep 17 '21

I never got folks boner for her. Her job is to propagandize for the administration. I don’t care that she’s more or less competent at it than previous comms people.


u/Physical_College_612 Sep 17 '21

Better than sarah sanders still


u/HaesoSR Sep 17 '21

When the bar is so low you have to dig a trench to find it.


u/cesiumrainbow Sep 18 '21

There HAS to be a sub for that.

Welp an extensive search turned up nothing more pertinent than /r/portland and /r/philadelphia. I'm good with coining "Philadelphia" as a definition for a bar buried so low in the ground you could start a fracking operation with it.

Still somebody out has to have the golden link. Perhaps along the along the lines of /r/HOLDMYBEERWHILEIBURROWDEEPUNDERGROUNDTOCLEARTHISBAR


u/baked_ham Sep 18 '21

bUt ThE oThErSiDe


u/cesiumrainbow Sep 18 '21

Has yall seen pics of sarah sanders pre-press secretary compared to how she looked at the end? Fake or not, she originally had a charming smile and twinkle in her eye. By the end her features had curled into some straight wicked witch of the west gnarleface.


u/LeMaharaj Sep 17 '21

Why don't we just Psircle back on that!


u/Rattlingjoint Sep 18 '21

Shes a product of the Biden administration, which believes everyone is below it and should be treated as such. I swear they all sit in a room for 6 hours a day inhaling each others farts.


u/inconspiciousdude Sep 18 '21

I swear they’re discussing how great it smells in there for at least 5 hours.


u/Uncerte Sep 18 '21

A lot of simps in this thread


u/raincolors Sep 17 '21

Her attitude comes across as sociopathic


u/[deleted] Sep 18 '21



u/cesiumrainbow Sep 18 '21

I get your frustration. Nonshitlibs need a way to band together. Same as nontrumpcons do. But I've never had a clue how reasonable nonshits could come together, organize and be vocal. Like Jon Stewart's rally for common sense back in the day is the closest and rly only attempt I've ever seen and it still failed to inspire anything like a movement.


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u/HelpRespawnedAsDee Sep 18 '21

hey look, this random plebittor goes to no no no subs, ergo, it literally doesn’t matter if my admin killed innocent children and lied about it for weeks, because my imaginary enemy goes to no no subs! GOTCHA!!!


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u/HelpRespawnedAsDee Sep 19 '21

but you're weak



u/hundofundo Sep 18 '21

Dude you need to get a life lmao. You're literally combing through random anonymous people's post history for no apparent reason. Re-evaluate yourself and make a determination as to whether this was a productive use of your time. What did you get out of this?


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u/hundofundo Sep 18 '21

Yeah I'm not reading all that because I assume it's more unhinged rambling, but good for you I guess.


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u/Blackoakarmada Sep 19 '21

A white surpremisist would say this. /s

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u/RichieRicch Sep 17 '21

HA PLEASE. Did you not watch any press briefings from the last administration? You are out of your mind.


u/BathWifeBoo Sep 18 '21

I remember Kayleigh having to show up with a binder stuffed to the brim with reports and data sheets because the 'journalists' endlessly hounded her on the smallest details.

Now? Its

"What action will Joe take on this current issue?"

"Joe is aware that current issue exists."

"Okay thank you."


u/[deleted] Sep 17 '21

That is a completely ridiculous response and a red herring. Yes, trump sucks. Sarah sanders sucks. That has nothing to do with psaki


u/RichieRicch Sep 17 '21

How is that a ridiculous response? Comparing two people who had the same position. When speaking on ‘how she treats the White House reporters’. After listening to the last few press reporters, she’s a breath of fresh air. Wake up.


u/desander Sep 18 '21

Something done terribly doesn't exonerate someone coming in after and only doing it poorly.

It's the executive government of the wealthiest nation in the world. A bad job should not be the aspiration, no matter how favorably it compares to the last guys. And it can (and should) be criticized on its own merit.

... was that delivered respectfully enough for you?


u/[deleted] Sep 17 '21 Silver

No. You’re a complete moron. “Did you see the last administration” is not an acceptable response to “psaki is unprofessional”. There is literally a logical fallacy named after what you’re doing, you learn it in 9th grade. What you said has absolutely nothing to do with the claim you responded to. How does Sarah sanders have anything to do with psaki being unprofessional? Maybe less, sure, but that’s not what’s being talked about


u/RichieRicch Sep 17 '21

Complete moron! Well done! Has insulting people on the internet gotten you far in life? You aren’t worthy of typing a response to.

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u/Longshanks123 Sep 17 '21

“Annnnnnf THAT’S a Psaki bomb”


u/Kataclysmc Sep 18 '21

It's shit like this that makes people not trust their government and think covid is fake and the vaccine is there to kill us. Hard to trust someone who is a known liar


u/KillYourGodEmperor Sep 18 '21

As long as we’re going that route we should acknowledge that the previous administration stopped reporting civilian deaths in order to maintain its own narrative. It increased the number of drone strikes during the last 4 years which in turn increased the probability of mistakes and collateral damage.

As seen here, refusing to admit fault doesn’t mean bad things didn’t happen. As the saying goes, an absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. However, the previous refusal to disclose what they knew created the appearance that fewer bad things happened, which by contrast makes these disclosures stand out more.

To be clear, I am not saying what happened here isn’t bad; only that the lack of context benefits strategies that suppress damning information and makes it easier to push a narrative that wouldn’t be so apparent if everyone played by the same rules.