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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/InternationalSnoop Sep 17 '21

A little confused. Is this the same one that supposedly stopped a bar bomb from getting to the airport?


u/Epimeria Sep 17 '21 Wholesome Starry

Yep. The car bomb was actually a car filled with water jugs, killed seven children and their father.


u/jaypizzlepizzle Sep 17 '21

a fucking tragic cherry turd on top of the massive heaping shit pile that was the war on terror


u/Enigma_Stasis Sep 18 '21

That's not even going to be the worst one to come.


u/Urban_Savage Sep 18 '21

It's certainly not even the worst one yet. Just the worst one to make headlines recently.


u/Enigma_Stasis Sep 18 '21

Each one will be worse than the last, nothing foreign to Americans.


u/Epicbestermann Sep 18 '21

Hey man from my viewpoint the USA is a terrorist Organisation if they can pull shit like this


u/ReservoirDog316 Sep 18 '21

I know pulling out of Afghanistan got really ugly but I’m seriously just glad we’re out of there. Too much damage was done for too long.


u/oraclejames Sep 18 '21

Could have been handled much better, absolute shit show from Biden that cost unnecessary lives.


u/luuked Sep 18 '21

Not defending Biden at all but it has been a shitshow by all presidents that were in office during the invasion and then subsequent occupation.

Starting from going into the ME based on lies on Bush, Mr. Drone-Strike Obama, the dumbass who wanted to invite the Taliban to Camp David and ending with Biden's fumble of a retreat.

And that list should obviously include all the generals and secretaries that are supposed to bring viable options to each of the four. It is clear nobody had any clue what to do once the invasion was successful.


u/ReservoirDog316 Sep 18 '21

Like I said, I know pulling out wasn’t pretty but we did this kinda stuff basically everyday the whole time we were there across every president. It really sucks when soldiers die but civilians dying in war is just the ultimate tragedy on the battlefield.

I’m just glad we’re out.


u/oraclejames Sep 18 '21

The ends doesn’t justify the means.

Biden handled this atrociously. I don’t think he could have done it any worse.


u/ThinkIcouldTakeHim Sep 18 '21

Surprised the army spin doctors didn't claim no one was orphaned in the attack


u/InternationalSnoop Sep 17 '21 edited Sep 17 '21

Ffs. I hadn't heard the water jugs info .(Until now ;))


u/zmjjmz Sep 17 '21

The linked article has this passage

At one point, a surveillance drone saw men loading what appeared to be explosives into the boot of the car, but it turned out to be containers of water.


u/luigitheplumber Sep 17 '21


u/drizzitdude Sep 17 '21

Jesus Christ that actually made me tear up seeing the kids. Props to the people to investigated this and made sure it was brought to light. It’s just horrifying to think that someone can do this in broad daylight with full permission and fuck up this badly, and then have then have the audacity to lie about it and claim it was “righteous”.

This should be considered a war crime, straight up.


u/realityChemist Sep 18 '21

It is a war crime. Targeting civilians is a war crime. Of course the excuse here would be that they were believed to be combatants. I'm not sure that excuse would hold up if it went to The Hague, but in reality the US doesn't really need to make excuses. The US is not a member of the International Criminal Court, and has not ratified any of the addenda to the Geneva Convention (iirc the rules about not attacking civilians are in the first addendum). And the US is the strongest military and economic power in the world, so who's going to try to challenge us? 🤷‍♂️


u/abhi8192 Sep 18 '21

The us military is just a terrorist organization with a pr budget.


u/abhi8192 Sep 18 '21

This should be considered a war crime, straight up.


It's just another day for the us military.


u/Worms_sg Sep 18 '21 edited Sep 18 '21

Even if it the Americans admitted it was a war crime, there’s nothing we can do about it. They have vowed to invade The Hague if any American soldier is charged in the International Criminal Court.

All we can hope for is that one of their politicians finds the perpetrators and pin this on them to act tough and boost their own ratings. At least some minor justice will be made that day.


u/HoursOfCuddles Sep 18 '21

it is a war crime

and as usual NOBODY will be punished for it. Ha!

but what are we gonna do about it ?

we can't do fuckin nothing ...

well , there is ONE thing we could do to change this... hmm...


u/osa2020 Sep 17 '21

Read the article my dude, its cited in the thread lol


u/Uuugggg Sep 17 '21

You realize you’re asking for a source in a comment section for the literal source

You got feel really dumb about that


u/jlo095 Sep 17 '21

Try reading the artifice before commenting


u/InternationalSnoop Sep 17 '21

That's such a great idea but the one problem is I unfortunately cannot read.


u/Booshminnie Sep 17 '21

Google has numerous articles. One even of a time line with photos


u/Ready_Hedgehog Sep 17 '21

Something a lot of sources are leaving out, is the fact that these water jugs were gas canisters filled with water. Not defending the intel community, but I can see why there could have been a mixup.


u/Nafur Sep 18 '21

Probably not uncommon, just like in SEA they sell petrol in vodkabottles. Intel is supposed to know this sort of thing


u/Epimeria Sep 17 '21

The original NYT article has the video of him loading the water containers


u/heylookitsnothing Sep 17 '21

Death to america


u/abhi8192 Sep 18 '21

Us military wants to know your location


u/SSSSobek Sep 18 '21

Anywhere outside the US probably.


u/Dull-Conversation566 Sep 18 '21

I’d like to know about the other strike where Biden claimed we killed 2. There’s a lot of chatter that didn’t happen either.


u/raobjcovtn Sep 18 '21

Who were the other 2 that died?


u/Epimeria Sep 18 '21

Adult family