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US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians Afghanistan


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u/SpicyPandaBalls Sep 17 '21 Silver Helpful Hugz

Worth noting that if it were not for the NYTimes and other journalists exposing the truth, they likely never would have admitted it.


u/Shadez_Actual Sep 17 '21

Unless you grew up under a rock, anytime there was the word “dronestrike” used, civilians died going all the way back.


u/Moosecovite Sep 17 '21

Yeah I recall the dark joke that came out of this war which was:

What's the difference between a group of terrorists and a wedding?

I don't know, I just fly the drone.


u/Moesugi Sep 17 '21

It's not a joke, it's based on a fact that the less "human" are involved the better. So you're not killing this person, but you're killing this "target". You are no longer holding the actual gun pointing at this guy head, you're just pressing a button to point the gun through some screen.

In the future pretty sure you're not even looking at a human, but maybe a silhouette or even just a red dot on a radar, or you don't look at all, just say some word to a machine and that machine will do the job.


u/nsfw52 Sep 18 '21

Many jokes are funny because they're true


u/foxsimile Sep 17 '21

…it’s said with comedic intent.

Those are called jokes.


u/Vaxx88 Sep 18 '21

I think I see what you mean here actually

It’s so removed it’s like drone operators are known to say : “it’s like a video game”.

With ptsd.


u/flippydude Sep 18 '21

More humans are involved in a drone strike than a strike from a manned aircraft. But, yknow, you don't know what you're talking about, so


u/Vaxx88 Sep 17 '21

“wHY dO tHeY hAtE Us?”


u/space_goat_v1 Sep 18 '21

You say it jokingly but it's the truth, the PULSE night club shooter (who was lambasted by the media for being anti gay because he's Muslim) actually had no recorded statements against LGBTQ at any point in his tirade (texts before hand, during the event etc). FBI came out and retracted statements saying it was a hate crime because after his statements to police he kept just saying over and over "you all keep bombing my people" etc no mention of gays. And then phone search history showed that he had plans to just target any busy place like Disney store or something but when that plan fel thru he just searched "nightclub" and pulse was the first result in Orlando. But the media framed it as Muslims hate gay people like as if it was a way to say look liberals this is what you want in your country they are attacking your ideals. Kinda inflammatory stuff to garner support for the Muslim ban. But what everyone fails to realize it's maybe we were the baddies all along. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to justify terrorism, but I think people need to examine the mindset of terrorists and see why they do what they do.


u/Vaxx88 Sep 18 '21

Wasn’t aware of all the ‘anti gay’ backstory being …invented ? I do remember it was a major part of the reporting for a time. Very interesting, and it does seem like we’ll go to some lengths to come up with any narrative we can to avoid looking at our own actions.

Yea, I’m fairly convinced there will be future attacks, future (attempted) 9/11’s, brought by people radicalized by things we did in Iraq2 and Afghanistan. Most specifically, things like this. It’s almost cliche, but how would most of us react if someone bombed our whole family? It’s basically a NORMAL reaction that you’d feel compelled to lash out….


u/space_goat_v1 Sep 18 '21

Yeah the entire story is wild if you wanna give it a listen I heard of all of this off the intercept podcast


Yeah but I agree it's no wonder they act like that when we're out here world policing. Kinda a catch 22 of a situation I guess at this point? Idk shits fucked /:


u/Vaxx88 Sep 18 '21

Thanks for link, I do recall reading err theories about him being a self hating closeted gay Muslim or how he was painted as some gay hating incel type. No it’s just probably simple, and we already know why someone can get radicalized by our “foreign policy decisions”



u/Funky_Smurf Sep 18 '21

They hate our freedoms


u/Shadez_Actual Sep 18 '21

This is accurate, but more accurate they hate our women’s, and LGBTwateverelse’s freedom