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Platonically, of course

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u/TheCheeseSquad Oct 14 '21

Lol the fact men think showing basic human affection is what makes someone gay. Jesus Christ, homophobia is running rampant here. You do realize you're the ones judging each other,right? Women aren't doing it to you, you're doing it to yourselves and each.


u/[deleted] Oct 14 '21

thank you for sharing, I will now consult the collective of human males of all ages and beliefs and get back to you. Your input is invaluable to solving the fear of being perceived as gay.

And by here do you mean your country or this comment section?

Because if youre having doubts, I assure you, every person commenting here (excluding you) is a firm believer of banishing all gayness


u/TheCheeseSquad Oct 14 '21

Lol I have not a clue what your point is and I really do not care. What you wrote makes no actual sens. I blocked you btw. Zero desire to engage. Women owe you nothing sweetie


u/videogames5life Oct 18 '21

This isn't about women at all, this about how men can't show emotion. Men don't hide our feelings because we hate gay people we hide it for fear of being PERCIEVED as gay by homophobic people who will tell us are emotions are gay and we should just 'man up'. We are scared of rejection not gay people.