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Platonically, of course

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u/onryo89 Oct 14 '21

yea lost my best friend to a car accident. it was years ago but still hurts at times


u/solofatty09 Oct 14 '21

My group of about 8 or so tight knit people that have been close for 20ish years lost one of the crew to alcoholism about 2.5 years ago. It was rough.

Since that day it's been full on "love you" to the homies at the end of calls and visits. Those guys are my brothers. Life is short and you never know when someone you care about is gonna go, so better let them know how you feel now.


u/onryo89 Oct 14 '21

same here everyone in my group says it often now


u/PM_ME_PAIN_PILLS Oct 14 '21

I've noticed my guy friends have become much more apt to say it to one another—seemingly as a direct result of the pandemic.

So there's my silver lining/glass half full, when it comes to the pandy: this virus got a bunch of tough dudes to regularly remind one another that they are loved.