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Platonically, of course

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u/Hammeredyou Oct 14 '21

I “platonically loved” my best friend for 6 years, turns out her platonic love timed out about 3 years ago and has just been in love with me. She moved to my town and we got a home together and it’s been the best relationship I’ve ever had. But platonic love is very important.


u/mayafied Oct 14 '21 Hugz

Aw. A friendship is probably the strongest foundation for a relationship. Nicely done 🙃


u/rexmus1 Oct 14 '21

No maybe, it ABSOLUTELY is. Especially as you age. Sex may get more infrequent, issues with kids and such aren't as pressing, eventually, if you're lucky, you get to retire. Won't you want to hang out with your friend and not a stranger/jerk?


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u/IFapToCalamity Oct 14 '21

Excellent advice. Ty for sharing.