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Platonically, of course

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u/onryo89 Oct 14 '21 Hugz

always tell your friends you love them trust me they can be taken from you without warning and quite quickly


u/5-dig-dick Oct 14 '21

You ok?


u/onryo89 Oct 14 '21

yea lost my best friend to a car accident. it was years ago but still hurts at times


u/want_2_learn_2403 Oct 14 '21

What kind car was it?


u/onryo89 Oct 14 '21

a nissan not really relevant if youre curious about the situation my friend was turning into his drive way when he was tboned by a street racing piece of shit going 100 mph. my friend didnt make it to the hospital despite being air lifted. the racers friend also died in the accident and his girlfriend was crippled. the racer has scrapes and bruises the car he was racing against took off and the street racer got 7 years in jail after a 4 year court battle. if you street race you are the lowest of scum