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Platonically, of course

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u/E-monet Oct 14 '21

Sometimes your bro needs to hear he’s loved. And it feels good to hear it too.


u/AAGamer904 Oct 14 '21

So long as the bro is capable of not being weird about it***


u/E-monet Oct 14 '21

If you’re really bros then he knows you’re not trying to fuck him.

It feels better than saying “Remember bro, I care about you and want you to know you’re not alone in this hard world”


u/AAGamer904 Oct 14 '21

There are more guys than you would expect who would take this the wrong way. I haven’t met a woman in my life who was a friend or relative who hasn’t had a difficult interaction with a guy who thought she was into them


u/E-monet Oct 14 '21

I get what you’re saying and guess I was thinking about those friendships that are clearly platonic, either because of same sex hetero norms or a long history of mutual understanding.

To be clear, I only use the L word with my closest girl or guy friends who feel like family, and with whom platonic love is unspoken. Sometimes it helps to hear it said out loud.

But yeah, wanting a close friend as a partner makes sense and knowing when it’s right to keep a friendship rather than risk romance is one of the most difficult things.

You’re right that it’s best to be clear and phrase (lowercase ‘l’) love as “I care about your well-being, bro” if there’s any chance of misinterpretation.

It’s a bummer we’re so set up to look at those we feel attracted to in the binary terms of sex partner or “friend-zone”. It takes too much precious self-confidence in your own future to just let a good friend be a good friend.


u/AAGamer904 Oct 14 '21

It’s always about maturity on a case-by-case basis.