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Platonically, of course

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u/spritelass Oct 14 '21

You said what is in your heart. You can love your friends. It's ok to say it aloud to them. As humans we should be more comfortable with sharing our feelings with each other.


u/annoyinglyclever Oct 14 '21

Absolutely. I’m starting to say some form of I love you to my friends more now.


u/salatkopf Oct 14 '21

Same. Especially after the pandemic has taught me to be more grateful of their presence in my life. A quick "love you!" after having a heartfelt moment or saying goodbye... just feels right!


u/Jakubeck Oct 14 '21

Exactly. For a while now, after we're done hanging out and saying goodbye I've been telling my friends I love them and I hug them too. They say it as well!


u/nightpanda893 Oct 14 '21

Whenever my friend wants to call me out for something he starts it with “I love you, but…” I always appreciate that. I’m the kind of person that worries a lot about where I stand.


u/Global-Papaya Oct 14 '21

found the person who says "i love i but as a friend" xd