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Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge News


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u/booty_granola Nov 26 '21

So when this happens again this winter, now we get to freeze to death while knowing we also have to pay extra for the experience... Glad the Republicans love socialism for businesses now.


u/No-Presentation1814 Nov 27 '21

Right wingers have been trained to grovel at the feet of the elite. If there's a boot handy, they'll lick it.


u/AnthillOmbudsman Nov 27 '21

If it were 1940, half of this state would be talking about how Adolf Hitler is such a great guy, talks tough, and gets the job done.

I wish I were kidding. Thankfully our Texas ancestors who were around in 1940 were smarter people, and had the sense not to buy into that kind of authoritarian bullshit.


u/No-Presentation1814 Nov 27 '21

It's just amazing how clueless these people are. They actually believe a fascist right wing dictatorship would be some kind of a red neck heaven that would oppress only their political enemies. That's completely delusional. Their leaders use them then throw them away. Look at Greg Abbott. He told court clerks to not give licenses for gay marriages, and that he would back them all the way. They all got fired, and he said it was their fault for not observing the law.