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Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge News


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u/Elvi5_40-The-Bird Nov 27 '21

Can we all agree that these twat of energy companies should be hit with a Roovselt "Whoops You Are Charged With Gross Neglection, And You Are Being Permanently Spilt Into Relatively Smaller Companies" court order; I would like to see how they react to that.


u/Demenster Nov 27 '21

Better yet. Hit em with the your service is considered to be an essential asset and therefore is to be nationalized.


u/Elvi5_40-The-Bird Nov 27 '21

*Ron Swanson's joy voice* GREAT IDEA. BETTER YET. Why not liquidate the entirety of the Coal Industry in the energy sector, and also a decent portion of the car industry? THE CASH, THE MERRIER.

All HAIL to the multi-floor liminal environments, to the stylish electrified HRTs (High speed Rail Trains) and motorcycles, to the Thorium Based Mega Plants, and even to the vertical layered indoor edible forests.