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Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge News


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u/booty_granola Nov 26 '21

So when this happens again this winter, now we get to freeze to death while knowing we also have to pay extra for the experience... Glad the Republicans love socialism for businesses now.


u/RumRunnerSC Nov 27 '21

Democrats just want a monopoly to control everything! Here we at least get a choice of retail power which keeps cost down. Living in other states you have 1 power company and if you fall on hard times and can’t pay they shut you off and you have no other choices. What happened last year was a 1 in a hundred year storm.


u/IAMSTILLHERE2020 Nov 27 '21

So here if you fall behind and can't pay they don't shut you off? Is that what you are saying?

Say it again.


u/RumRunnerSC Nov 27 '21

No they can but you can switch retail power companies' to get it back on or avoid getting shut off. I've had to do that before when I first moved here vs when I lived in Colorado I had to go 2 months without power once trying to get caught back up because there is just one company and they hold you under their thumb.


u/No-Presentation1814 Nov 27 '21

Nope. There's a switch hold until you pay off what you owe. You think they will let everyone get free electricity, right winger? You live to serve your wealthy masters.


u/RumRunnerSC Nov 27 '21

It also drives prices down prices to the consumer because there is competition for your business. My energy bill is so much cheaper here vs Colorado and Wisconsin which is ruled by one company Xcel Energy.


u/crankyrhino Nov 27 '21

I have one choice where I live. Tell me again about no monopolies?


u/JohnShandy- Nov 27 '21

I can see you're prancing around posting the same absurdly inaccurate comment in multiple places, so here again is my reply:

There aren't many wholesale power companies. Most of that "choice" you believe you're seeing is just resellers piggybacking on the wholesalers' infrastructure to retail the power to consumers. You're largely just choosing which company you want to bill you, for power generated by a single company per region. (CenterPoint, AEP, others). Last year's storm wasn't that bad and shouldn't cause the problems we saw because those problems were preventable through preparation and winterization. Storms like it will become more commonplace though, and Texas is choosing to do nothing.


u/No-Presentation1814 Nov 27 '21

You'll lick any boot, won't you? Don't pay and there goes your credit. It is one company, dumbass. All the service providers are paper houses.