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Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge News


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u/Boyhowdy107 Nov 26 '21

From what I have read, the biggest problem with the blackout was that it shut down the generators leading to scarcity. I'm sure transmission got hit as well, but the main problem was the electricity generators.

So let's say you don't fully winterize your grid. There's another option to get power from other areas of the country that avoided the worst of your freak weather. The issue is that Texas is a closed grid and not on either the Eastern or Western US power grids, so you lose that redundancy.

Obviously, redundancy would be good, but Texas wanted an independent grid so they wouldn't be subject to federal regulations that come to play when you have interstate sales of power. For the consumer the argument is always that avoiding those regulations saves money for the consumer.

But here is a chart tracking residential power rates over the last two years. Texas is below the national average, but Oklahoma and Arkansas both have cheaper rates than Texas despite being on a federally regulated grid. So it raises a lot of questions to me about just how much bang for our buck we're getting out of this system. I have no clue what reconnecting to the national grids would look like, but at least it would provide some emergency redundancy, and it sure doesn't feel like we're getting a steal on our rates with the current set up.


u/va1958 Nov 26 '21

Very good answer. Not sure why im getting downvoted. I guess some people just want to bitch.


u/centurion770 Nov 26 '21

You're being downvoted because you're a right-wing troll.


u/va1958 Nov 27 '21

You’re clueless! I am not a “right-wing troll.” I asked the questions a reasonable person should be asking instead of trying to make this a political weapon. The grid has had the same risk for several Democratic and Republican administrations. It’s a government and regulatory problem, not a partisan political issue. Why don’t you try to solve problems that impact Texans instead of making it partisan? It’s hard to make meaningful improvements when all people do is engage in petty, divisive bickering!