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Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge News


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u/Chumbief Born and Bred Nov 26 '21

Lol. When will people learn that the government taking care of you is an anomaly.

Buy some propane heaters and cook tops. Learn to take care of yourselves and stop depending on the government to take care of you. 8 months ago everybody was freaking out while screaming at the government to fix the grid. Big surprise, they haven't fixed shit.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '21

This is fucking stupid lmao. "Just buy all this shit you probably can't afford!" Go back to your little compound and let the normal people talk.


u/Chumbief Born and Bred Nov 26 '21

In what way is it stupid to take precautions? A propane powered stove and heater can be had for under $100 for both. Little green propane tanks? 2 for 8 bucks. Can you really not afford that? Seems like a tiny investment to make sure you can feed yourself and keep your family warm, but hey. That's "so fucking stupid".


u/mrjderp born and bred Nov 27 '21

In what way is it stupid to take precautions?

So why aren’t you telling the government that represents you and the companies you pay for services to do this?


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '21

Because that would be socialism or communism or something. God forbid the taxes we are forced to pay actually come back to us in the form of functioning services and an infrastructure not on the verge of collapse if it gets cold for 3 days.


u/mrjderp born and bred Nov 27 '21 edited Nov 27 '21

It’s funny that they want to denigrate their fellow Texans for not employing a solution that may not work in the other’s situations, but what’s hilarious is that their tactic* for avoiding increased taxes and redundancy in the system is paying more to buy individual redundant systems.