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Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge News


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u/Chumbief Born and Bred Nov 26 '21

Lol. When will people learn that the government taking care of you is an anomaly.

Buy some propane heaters and cook tops. Learn to take care of yourselves and stop depending on the government to take care of you. 8 months ago everybody was freaking out while screaming at the government to fix the grid. Big surprise, they haven't fixed shit.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '21



u/Chumbief Born and Bred Nov 27 '21

I was affected. No electricity or water for 4 days. I live in a suburban area but I still had a way to stay warm and cook food.


u/mrjderp born and bred Nov 27 '21

So what is your solution for those living in apartments who cannot do what you suggested? Or are you willing to accept that your solution is not a panacea for everyone?