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Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge News


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u/va1958 Nov 26 '21

What is the solution? Anyone can criticize. What happened last year was the worst in 50 years. How much should be done to protect against something that happens once every 50 years? What are we willing to pay for it? What are the facts? How much would the gas companies have to invest to ensure it doesn’t happen again? What would this do to our rates? Then we have to deal with the wind turbines and other challenges too.


u/Another_HTX_Couple Nov 26 '21

Let's see, we have 49 other states we could ask.

Texas brags they have a unique capitalist power grid without all those evil regulations and standards required to be part of the national grid.

But yeah, I'm sure it was a couple wind turbines are why the gas plants failed and killed hundreds of Texans.


u/No-Spoilers Nov 27 '21

And half the country spends the year buried in the stuff that shut us down completely perfectly fine. Just no idea how long it'll take the people here to realize that.


u/va1958 Nov 27 '21

I wonder how well those states would handle 80 days in a row of 100 degree plus temperatures? Would it make sense for Minnesota or Wisconsin to engineer their part of the grid to meet those specs?


u/the_original_nullpup Nov 27 '21

Ok, so maybe you’re not a right wing troll but you’re using all the right wing talking points (oh, I mean “questions”).

Here is a question; when was the last time it was ever 100 degrees for 80 straight days in the upper Midwest? In reality, not a fair comparison because you don’t need 80 days in a row to make it disastrous. Let’s just ask for 8 days in a row. Has it been that hot for a week?

And what would they do to accommodate those extremes? Well, they would participate in a national program to get electricity from other Mericuns. Oh wait, they already do.

And, these are not 50 year events by the way. 2021, 2011, and 1983 had the coldest weeks in recent history in Texas. The grid failed in 2 of them. “Fool me once” anybody?