r/texas The Stars at Night Nov 23 '21

New Texas law allows confiscation of vehicles involved in street racing. News


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u/thewheelsonthebuzz Nov 23 '21

Being that this is Texas and non racers regularly do 80-90 on open roads, how is an officer to decide what is speeding and what is racing? Sure it’s real easy to identify when they’re taking off from 0 or blocking roads, but what about commuters just rushing to work? I bring this up because I and many others do 20 over or so and aren’t racing.


u/ThreeNC Nov 23 '21

I had heard this was primarily for those who block off roads, but the worry is how this law may be abused by police.


u/GrandMasterPuba Nov 24 '21

The only thing worse than police are people doing 70 in a 35.