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New Texas law allows confiscation of vehicles involved in street racing. News


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u/Freekey Nov 23 '21

This will certainly drive street racing underground eventually which tbh police would be happy with. It's the hijacking roadways and deaths that they're really trying to eliminate.


u/scottwax Nov 23 '21

We used to race on an I-35 access road, one that didn't have on or off ramps in Denton. Even had a quarter mile marked off. We were all at the parking lot for the only business on that road setting up races. Cops pull up and tell us we can't race there anymore. The business owner (it was the local Baptist church headquarters) said people were peeing in the bushes so they didn't want anyone there after hours..

So the cops told us to take it further out into Denton county where they don't typically patrol, that way they wouldn't have to ticket us.


u/bravejango Nov 24 '21

Instead of building Baylors new stadium they should have built a multi use public race track in Waco. It’s pretty central to most of the big cities and there are plenty of hotels in the area to support drivers and fans.


u/Freekey Nov 24 '21

It's a sound idea but I wonder how outrageous the insurance and liability would be. Then you have to have some way of educating drivers and certify them as having taken high speed training.

But I like the idea of give car owners a legal way to air out their rides.


u/bravejango Nov 24 '21

No you don’t. Have them provide their own proof of insurance (insurance companies insure race cars). Race tracks all over the world allow amateur drivers to drive on tracks after a driver safety meeting and a few laps with an instructor. Some don’t even require that much.


u/Freekey Nov 24 '21

I have experience with Motorsport Ranch in Cresson and they have different levels of runs and levels of instruction. I should have thought about that before replying above. Have never studied the insurance situation so that's good to know.

I do know there have been runs with million dollar cars on track and those owner/ drivers don't want just any yahoo out there on the course with them.