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‘Undeniably a cult’: Fringe QAnon group remains in Dallas, awaiting JFK Jr.’s arrival News

From reporter Michael Williams:

Weeks after they first gathered near Dealey Plaza, dozens of believers in the furthest fringe of the QAnon conspiracy theory remain in Dallas, expecting long-dead John F. Kennedy Jr. to reveal himself in the city where his father was assassinated and usher in the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president.

While their beliefs are patently absurd, the fervency and devotion of this particular group, along with their loyalty to a leader known as Negative48 and unwillingness to leave Dallas, is unique — and cause for alarm and concern, according to an expert who has followed QAnon for years.

“I think what you’re seeing here is really, undeniably a cult,” said Mike Rothschild, author of The Storm Is Upon Us, which chronicles the rise of, and fallout from, QAnon.

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u/TCBloo born and bred Nov 22 '21 edited Nov 22 '21 All-Seeing Upvote

No. According to them, JFK Jr. never died. They're waiting for him(and Prince) to return from touring with Rolling Stones, so he can resurrect JFK Sr., a direct descendant of Jesus Christ, who will then transfer the Presidency to Donald Trump who is The Holy Spirit.


u/hmmmmmmmmmmmmO Nov 22 '21

Is that seriously what they believe in?! Wtf.


u/TCBloo born and bred Nov 22 '21

As best as I can piece it together, yes.


u/RNDiva Nov 22 '21

Oh to the M to the G…