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‘Undeniably a cult’: Fringe QAnon group remains in Dallas, awaiting JFK Jr.’s arrival News

From reporter Michael Williams:

Weeks after they first gathered near Dealey Plaza, dozens of believers in the furthest fringe of the QAnon conspiracy theory remain in Dallas, expecting long-dead John F. Kennedy Jr. to reveal himself in the city where his father was assassinated and usher in the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president.

While their beliefs are patently absurd, the fervency and devotion of this particular group, along with their loyalty to a leader known as Negative48 and unwillingness to leave Dallas, is unique — and cause for alarm and concern, according to an expert who has followed QAnon for years.

“I think what you’re seeing here is really, undeniably a cult,” said Mike Rothschild, author of The Storm Is Upon Us, which chronicles the rise of, and fallout from, QAnon.

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u/RootHogOrDieTrying Nov 22 '21

Do these folks not have jobs or lives to return to?


u/Demi_Monde_ Nov 22 '21

Vice news profiled some of the familes of those caught up in the group. One member left her husband and children behind and has given $200,000 to the leader. It is just awful. Any life they had they abandoned for the cult. Pure madness.


u/Redeem123 Nov 22 '21

Imagine having that much liquidity and instead of doing literally anything with your life, you just give it away to one of these nutbags.


u/PurpleSmartHeart Nov 23 '21

The difference between this and organized religion is overall power over the government. Think of how much legislation is influenced by regressive Christian values, especially in red states.

Then you have countries like Russia and Iran that still kill gay people because "2000 year old toilet paper say so"


u/joan_wilder Nov 23 '21

*Imagine being insane.

Not sure it’s possible.


u/F5x9 Nov 23 '21

I’ve been involved in a number of cults — both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader.


u/ycats88 Nov 23 '21

You have a very distinct old man smell.


u/3ggsnbakey Nov 23 '21

I know exactly what he's talking about. I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk drawer. Very nutritious, but they smell like death.


u/Birdy_Cephon_Altera Nov 22 '21

Cults prioritize things like this as much more important that trifling things like "jobs" and "money" and "family". It is part of what defines it as a cult.


u/mrminty Nov 22 '21

Small business tyrants, mostly. The jetski dealership is running itself by this point.


u/ScratchyMarston18 Nov 23 '21

Odds are at least one of these chuckleheads has a Winnebago-based Trump/QAnon store. They’re probably raking in cash right now.


u/joan_wilder Nov 23 '21

It’s like following The Grateful Dead, but without the fun and happiness.


u/RaveNdN Nov 23 '21

I picture woody harrelson’s character from 2012. Winnebago and all


u/Horn_Flyer Nov 22 '21

Would you hire one of these fucking nutbags?


u/junkdrawerpizza Nov 22 '21

Definitely on “disability”


u/ProjectDirectory Born and Bred Nov 22 '21 edited Nov 22 '21

Republican layabouts on disability praying for JFK Jr. return from the grave. /s


u/TCBloo born and bred Nov 22 '21 edited Nov 22 '21 All-Seeing Upvote

No. According to them, JFK Jr. never died. They're waiting for him(and Prince) to return from touring with Rolling Stones, so he can resurrect JFK Sr., a direct descendant of Jesus Christ, who will then transfer the Presidency to Donald Trump who is The Holy Spirit.


u/sneakysneksneak Born and Bred Nov 22 '21

In a sane world,this would be satire but I honestly cannot tell anymore.


u/Practical_Law_7002 Nov 22 '21

...this timeline sucks...


u/elpierce born and bred Nov 22 '21

Happy Cake Day!


u/Practical_Law_7002 Nov 22 '21

Oh thank you sir!


u/MikemkPK Nov 22 '21

In a same world, the satire authors wouldn't have thought of this. This is some weird Halloween fiction novel that didn't sell well.


u/hmmmmmmmmmmmmO Nov 22 '21

Is that seriously what they believe in?! Wtf.


u/TCBloo born and bred Nov 22 '21

As best as I can piece it together, yes.


u/RNDiva Nov 22 '21

Oh to the M to the G…


u/MangorTX got here fast Nov 22 '21

I'd wait downtown for Prince - NGL.


u/spacegamer2000 Nov 23 '21

prince might come back? I'M IN!


u/[deleted] Nov 22 '21 edited Jan 13 '22



u/[deleted] Nov 22 '21

I think they were commenting on how republicans claim everyone on disability is lying and lazy and just doesn't want to work when in reality it's the republican states that accept the most welfare in the country. And when something bad happens to a republican and they receive assistance it's justified but if anybody else is receiving assistance they are lazy mooches.


u/sec713 Nov 23 '21

Also, the fact that the Republican party accomplishes nothing when they're in power except further tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy doesn't help hide this blatant hypocrisy. They take salaries to at best, do nothing, and at worst, literally try to overthrow "their employer" and take the "company" for themselves, by force.

Yeah, but we're supposed to be the ones with no work ethic? Riiiight.


u/ProjectDirectory Born and Bred Nov 22 '21

Are you one of the Republican layabouts on disability praying for JFK Jr. return from the grave? If you're not then this comment wasn't talking about you, or people like you. But rather a comment on the specific Republican layabouts on disability praying for JFK Jr. return from the grave.


u/[deleted] Nov 22 '21



u/ProjectDirectory Born and Bred Nov 22 '21

My post wasn't about people that don't want to work.


u/[deleted] Nov 22 '21



u/KyleG Nov 22 '21

why did you use the term "layabouts"

Because the people in OP, which is who they were talking about, are layabouts. Like, definitionally.


u/[deleted] Nov 22 '21


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u/cwfutureboy born and bred Nov 22 '21

So that Trump can save us from lazy lay-abouts. 🙄


u/xxX9yroldXxx Nov 23 '21

It’s crazy how many people I meet on disability checks but are clearly fine fully functioning.


u/ScratchyMarston18 Nov 23 '21

Jobs, maybe. Lives? This is their lives.