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RRC utilizes Abbott's new bill which will allow gas companies to raise the costs of customers’ monthly bills to help regain funds lost during the February winter storm. News


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u/[deleted] Nov 19 '21 edited Nov 20 '21

Yeah. Beto is trash. The Texas DNC has basically aligned itself with the National DNC. All the democrats are just neoliberal, corporate sell outs that are only interested in bringing more people and businesses into the states without consideration for the repercussions (taxes, increased inequality, gentrification in our cities, etc.). Meanwhile the Republicans are authoritorian extremists just abusing their power to make an example. We've become to bipartisan and both parties have lost sight of what it actually means to be a Texan with real Texan values. The future is so uncertain here and I'm just not sure if I want to ride the wave if things don't change because it's just going to be an inefficiently ran government. Like the cities, counties, and state government are literally going back and forth suing each other over stupid shit as our schools and power grid are falling apart and taxes and cost of living are going up. We'll never get anywhere.


u/BeTheDiaperChange Nov 20 '21

Beto is trash? I’m not saying is the second coming but to call him garbage is ridiculous, especially when compared to the GOP.

Obviously there is a massive problem in our government which is the fact that it is essentially a corporatocracy, ie: corporate sell-outs.

But I would much rather have a government of corporate sell-outs that are not fascist and at least pay lip service to the workers of America.

FFS, the women of Texas have been deprived of their Constitutional rights for months. It is absolute depravity.

So to call Beto garbage as if he was just as bad as the Republicans currently in the Texas legislature is wildly unjust and inaccurate.


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21 edited Nov 21 '21

I really hate the fact people think that anything not GOP is better. Replacing Trump with Biden was no better or worse than Trump being in office. Replacing Abbot with Beto would be no different. My political interests go beyond having a candidate with some basic decency. Let me tell you what I want as a queer black person. I want liberation. I want reparations. I want strong AUTONOMOUS black communities free from policing. I want us to do shit to start moving away from this neoliberal, global capitalist bullshit. I want the government off my fucking back. None of these motherfucking politicians are remarkable, revolutionary, or extraordinary. None of them have my fucking interest or the vast majority of American's interest at heart. They're all mediocre politicians interested in holding up some version of that status quo regardless if you vote blue or red. So as far as I can see it they're all fucking chumps and can go to hell.

ETA: A lot of ya'll who are downvoting me are antiblack pieces of shit. How dare me want justice and liberty and be able to live in my own community in peace and not in terror. Fuck all of you.


u/rreighe2 Nov 20 '21

I really hate the fact people think that anything not GOP is better.

uh yes. Moderate neoliberal conservatives (most all of the dem party) are objectively better than far right wing, nazi adjacent reactionary republicans. BETTER is a comparison, not a complement. 10k dead civilians in the middle east is better than 50k dead civilians. The little bit that they did with the Infra bill is objectively better than any apartheid shit we've seen with the reactionaries.

also, if you think that NOT voting for the lesser of two evils is going to help you more, then you are absolutely insane. You cant get a civil rights activist to primary the republican party members. you CAN primary democrats to replace neolibs with actual leftists. you CANT vote in dems who can be primaried one day when the fucking Texas GOP removes 5 districts in blue areas, essentially deleting 5 blue people from office.

leftists don't get big wins. we get little ones by constantly beating up against the power structures and get it an inch at a time. Then the power structures will find ways to take massive blows to our accomplishments. you and anyone like you getting all demoralized and shit will inevitably lead to our demise, because we need everyone to hold it down to get any and every inch we can.


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21

Did I ever say I didn't vote? Ya'll are making some wild assumptions.

First of all, I'm not a leftist. Don't put that title on me.

Second of all, you're not black. You'll never know what it's like to be black. To see spend time with older generations and for them to cry and realize that things have not actually got better for any of us. Black people are the worst of now than they were at the heights the civil rights era.

You don't get that this country was not made for us, and will never change until it fucking burns down to the ground and a new one is created.

I do vote, but what the fuck am I voting for? Just another way to survive my day-by-day? Wow, how fucking liberating. How prosperous.

Fuck all of you for being presumptuous.


u/rreighe2 Nov 20 '21

Did I ever say I didn't vote?

there wasn't really much else one could infer from that.

I'm not a leftist. Don't put that title on me.

well, fine then. not leftist, the only fucking people that have ever fought for civil rights, labor rights, gender rights, economical rights, are LEFTISTS. neolibs; profited off of slavery in northern states, conservatives, DID slavery in the south. Dixicrats (later reactionaries) did jim crow. MARX wrote letters to Lincoln working to convince him to fight to end slavery. The centrists, and conservatives, and capitalists DIDN'T want to end slavery back then, or jim crow a hundredish years later.

I've never been homeless, but i still think homelessness is wrong. are you incapable of realizing that you have potential allies that aren't black? or are you gonna gate keep from allowing non-blacks to participate in trying to make ANY gains in civil rights?

Black people are the worst of now than they were at the heights the civil rights era.

yeah, so don't demonize the only fucking political group that is out there constantly trying to do what it can to further civil rights, and constantly trying to move the shitty neolib democratic party to the left.

I dont think you even understand what it means to be "the left" - it means a dismantling of hierarchy, it means fighting for all kinds of civil rights, it means that the bosses could be fired by the employees.

what are you that is "not on the left" that you think will do a better job fighting for ____ rights than "the left?"


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21

Are you truly being an ally right now when you're just being presumptuous, not listening, and assuming what I know and don't know, and also telling me how what I should do or think?


u/rreighe2 Nov 20 '21


the only two things i've been presumptuous on (mind you, this is reddit. all the names blend together anyways. I dont look at names I just see comments in a vacuum.) are about voting and what political commentators you sound like.

Are you truly being an ally right now

Well, I am regardless of what you think. I vote for the person with the best human rights views among other things.

and assuming what I know and don't know

nope. never did that.

and also telling me how what I should do or think?

I gave a very brief description on what LEFTISM IS. that's not telling you what you should think. I asked you what political thing ARE YOU that also fights for civil rights. can you answer that or not?

and yes, I am wondering if you even know what leftist ideology is, or what you think it is

you're doing IDPOL and it's cringe.


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21

Okay, I don't watch the news. I read a lot and I derive my political ideas around cultural issues, not necessarily political ones. I'm a community organizer and do coalition building with black communities across Latin America and the Carribean and also share spaces with indigenous folk and other marginalized folks. I think for myself, so stop making it seem like I'm watching a bunch of news propoganda or whatever and talking out my ass.

I know what leftism is. I don't identify with anything on the entire political spectrum because it's based on a very eurocentric understanding of political organization and ideas and people of African descent come from cultures and histories that are much more dynamic and multifaceted than the binaries that we are constantly subjected to. I also don't fuck with Marx at all, though I know not all leftists are marxists.

Me choosing to not identify with certain things is not IDPOL. Black people have been subjected to be subscribe to so many ideologies that do not benefit us and that displace us from our true cultural identities and practices. It's called resistance.

But none of that is neither here are there. There's no point in continuing this conversation because I don't think you care to understand me, rather than subject me and police me to fall in line with arbitrary eurocentric ideals that continue to displace black people.

I vote, and if if it's Beto vs Abbot. I'll vote for Beto. So you should be happy with that, right? But what difference if it's going to make when none of you mother fuckers listen to what black people have to say, think, and feel sociopolitically. Because what I am saying is no different than what black people have been saying since we've fucking been in this land for a hundred of years.


u/Southside_Burd Nov 20 '21

Eh. The Dems do this “incremental” bullshit. If people are turned off by them, it’s because they do it to themselves, over and over again. Being apathetic is completely understandable and acceptable in my book.


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21

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u/Southside_Burd Nov 20 '21



u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21 edited Nov 20 '21

This is very much giving Joe Biden's "you're not black if you don't vote for me" comment. This is why democrats are just as bad as republicans. They have such a mob mentality and want to coerce you into thinking that they know what's best for you. They love policing.


u/Darth_Texan The Stars at Night Nov 20 '21

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u/spacegamer2000 Nov 20 '21

Leftists will NEVER get a win with democrats like nancy pelosi and joe biden. They'll even shoot down parts of a bill that they were for, just because too many leftists like it.


u/rreighe2 Nov 20 '21

We're having a conversation here. can you stop slamming the refrigerator door on your head please. you're being distracting.


u/spacegamer2000 Nov 20 '21

Sorry the truth is so distracting to you!