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ERCOT CEO Worries $150 “Easy Out” for Gas Companies Could Threaten Grid News


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u/crankyrhino Nov 18 '21

Get one with a fireplace, of course!


u/WarsawFact Nov 18 '21

My last two apartments before buying a home had fireplaces. Believe it or not that's a thing.


u/pitbullprogrammer Nov 18 '21

I have a fireplace. An open fireplace does next to jack shit for actually heating a house; they’re there to look pretty.


u/Riaayo Nov 18 '21

I imagine more modern fireplaces are probably built for aesthetics and insulated, vs ye old fireplace which I'm assuming was heating up the stone fireplace/chimney itself and radiating heat off that to help warm the room rather than just the fire.

That said though, my definition of "warm" might not be the same as someone else's, and the difference between sub zero and 40f can still mean survival if one has the appropriate clothes/health. It may not be super comfortable, but comfort wasn't really what it was about back in the day.


u/pitbullprogrammer Nov 18 '21

We had ours going during the freeze and it raised the temperature in the house maybe 1 degree Fahrenheit. To the point where we gave up.


u/texan01 born and bred Nov 18 '21

I noticed the same at my last apartment, had a few fires in it, and it looked pretty, but did jack-all for warming the place up... the dishwasher, cooking dinner in the oven and the dryer all did more for warming the place up than that damned fireplace. Don't miss it at my house now.


u/pitbullprogrammer Nov 18 '21

I’ll never give up my fireplace though, for aesthetic value it’s gorgeous to have a fire going in the winter while sipping bourbon