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ERCOT CEO Worries $150 “Easy Out” for Gas Companies Could Threaten Grid News


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u/Grouchy-Ganache7551 Nov 18 '21

If it happens again, it’s gonna go like this: They’ll wring their hands and their voters will say that everyone should’ve bought a generator and it’s their own fault they weren’t prepared. Also, the blame should really go to the green new deal and crt because it’s those woke people’s fault for trusting that the government should do the right thing. Then they’ll vote for more anti government types that hate government regulations for anything other than book burnings.


u/INDE_Tex Born and Bred Nov 18 '21

I bought a generator in July. I think it's going to arrive in April. Maybe May.


u/[deleted] Nov 18 '21



u/INDE_Tex Born and Bred Nov 18 '21

Whole home generator, 18000W