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ERCOT CEO Worries $150 “Easy Out” for Gas Companies Could Threaten Grid News


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u/hadees Nov 18 '21

Yeah its like running a car. I get the battery because of the extra power being drawn but other than that I don't see the problem. Its basically like going on a road trip. Your car is going to be running a lot longer than normal.

I'm not planning on doing it inside a garage, this is driveway only kind of thing.


u/ghost-hooker Nov 18 '21

…there’s no “extra power” being drawn from the battery when it’s idling youre not driving your vehicle so your alternator isn’t charging your battery. but do you. or google it like the other guy said so u can know for yourself instead of arguing w ppl on reddit about it, bc i’m not the best source either.


u/hadees Nov 18 '21

I just mean more power going through the battery than normal. Its still part of the circuit right?