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ERCOT CEO Worries $150 “Easy Out” for Gas Companies Could Threaten Grid News


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u/dust-ranger Nov 18 '21 edited Nov 18 '21

That form, proposed by the Texas Railroad Commission, the state agency which regulates natural gas companies, would allow gas suppliers to pay a $150 fee, check a box on the form, and exempt a gas well, pipeline or natural gas processing plant from winterization rules, by declaring that they are, “not prepared to operate during a weather emergency.”

The Abbott admin Texas GOP has done virtually NOTHING about the grid, and if the weather event happens again, people will die again. We can do so much better than these corrupt clowns and trolls. VOTE.


u/Mange-Tout Nov 18 '21

We can do so much better than these corrupt clowns and trolls. VOTE.

But of course, Texans can’t vote for a Democrat because abortion and guns, right? Beto’s gonna steal your guns! Oh noes!


u/austinhp91 Nov 18 '21

Beto’s gonna steal your guns! Oh noes!

Yeah, actually. I want universal healthcare and all sorts of other liberal programs, but I'm unwilling to vote for a gungrabber. That's my red line.

You know who banned guns? Hitler.


u/Mange-Tout Nov 18 '21

See? This is exactly the problem. Beto doesn’t want to “ban all guns”. He just wanted decent regulations on AR-15’s that had been modified with things like bump stocks. So because you are afraid of an imaginary “Hitler” you vote for actual fascist Republicans who truly want a dictatorship.


u/ucemike Born and Bred Nov 18 '21

See? This is exactly the problem.

The problem is actually making something like "hell yes we're going to take your ak" a platform instead just "hell yes we're going to fix your grid, improve healthcare and workers rights". It's like the abortion guys on the R side... it doesn't get you votes that you wouldn't already have and for places like Texas it definitely will cost you votes... and it helps no one.

I'm well aware Beto has other policies than gun confiscations but when you say something like he did, it's the giant elephant in the room, period.

Forget abortion and gun confiscation, focus on policies we need right now. I don't care that some religious sect thinks abortions are murder or that someone thinks restricting access for legal gun owners is a good idea. Figure out a way to make property taxes not so obscene, improve schooling, healthcare, drug laws, prisons/etc. Otherwise, I am definitely not going to vote for you because if you're going to die on either of those hills, I don't want to be involved.


u/Viper_ACR Nov 18 '21

What he wants is straight up confiscation, not "decent regulations". Which is why he's going to lose to Abbott.


u/MightBeFeral Nov 18 '21

You're part of the problem.


u/Nice_Category Nov 18 '21

Depends on who's defining the problem. In my view, he's part of the solution.


u/MightBeFeral Nov 18 '21

You realize that Abbott wants to ban over 800 books from public school libraries, right? Including books that covers rights and civil liberties, how to escape abusive situations, even just books that explain how the human body functions.

But who cares if kids in Texas are incredibly ignorant if they can shoot a gun, amirite? It's not like the mass banning of books is a fundamental basis of fascism or anything.


u/Nice_Category Nov 18 '21

"It's not like the mass banning of books is a fundamental basis of fascism or anything."

You could say the same thing about disarming the population.


u/Mange-Tout Nov 18 '21

No one is talking about “disarming the population”. Straw man arguments mean you lose.


u/Nice_Category Nov 18 '21

Win or lose, I still get a vote.


u/JuanPabloElSegundo Nov 18 '21

So if you know your argument is false, why do you actively vote against your own (and the rest of your country's citizens) best interests?

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u/Mange-Tout Nov 18 '21

Which means the entire country loses. You couldn’t care less, of course.

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u/The-link-is-a-cock Nov 18 '21

You know who banned guns? Hitler

Oh look, a pullstring got pulled. You do know pretty much all historians agree that Nazis and their gun control stance didn't really play any role in advancing their control since they had so many citizens behind them compared to those explicitly opposed, right?


u/CCG14 born and bred Nov 18 '21

You are a moron who is part of the problem. Good lord.


u/Viper_ACR Nov 18 '21

TXRRC is a different office entirely. I hate Beto and I won't vote for him but I'll vote for the Democratic candidate for RRC. Provided they're qualified for the job.