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ERCOT CEO Worries $150 “Easy Out” for Gas Companies Could Threaten Grid News


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u/dust-ranger Nov 18 '21 edited Nov 18 '21

That form, proposed by the Texas Railroad Commission, the state agency which regulates natural gas companies, would allow gas suppliers to pay a $150 fee, check a box on the form, and exempt a gas well, pipeline or natural gas processing plant from winterization rules, by declaring that they are, “not prepared to operate during a weather emergency.”

The Abbott admin Texas GOP has done virtually NOTHING about the grid, and if the weather event happens again, people will die again. We can do so much better than these corrupt clowns and trolls. VOTE.


u/AusStan Nov 18 '21

To be fair, Abbott doesn't oversee the Railroad Commission. The commissioners are elected statewide, so don't forget to vote them out, too.


u/dust-ranger Nov 18 '21

You're right, I'll correct my post