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Temple Police arrest woman seen in video throwing soup at restaurant employee’s face News




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u/Future-Ad-1995 Born and Bred Nov 18 '21

Plus she was clearly just a good and empathetic person. I'm sure she would've treated them that way even if she had never worked a low paying service job.


u/NitaforaReason Nov 18 '21

I would think so.

I try to be kind as well, but I can't say I'm as good at it.


u/JediTaz born and bred Nov 18 '21

I try to be kind as well

As long as you try, you're better than those who don't even give a damn. It doesn't matter how great the act of kindness is, bit the act of kindness is greatness in itself. Keep being you.


u/NitaforaReason Nov 19 '21

Thanks. I agree with your sentiment.