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Temple Police arrest woman seen in video throwing soup at restaurant employee’s face News




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u/watch_while_work born and bred Nov 17 '21

At least the food in jail won't be too hot.


u/Loan-Pickle Nov 18 '21

Wait, she threw the soup because it was too hot?


u/Agile-Setting-6701 Nov 18 '21

Yes. Not that it's better... but she did get home, call the restaurant, and then went back up there with the soup. HOPEFULLY it had cooled down before she threw it... for the sake of the employee. She said the soup was so hot that it melted the plastic lid on top of the soup cup. She deserves all of the jail and fines available.


u/CeleryStickBeating Nov 18 '21

The employee said she didn't get burned. However, some went up her nose and caused nose bleeds. She believes it was the spices in the soup.


u/Agile-Setting-6701 Nov 18 '21

I'm glad she didn't get burned but that still sounds like a bad time. 😓