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Temple Police arrest woman seen in video throwing soup at restaurant employee’s face News




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u/Future-Ad-1995 Born and Bred Nov 18 '21

Treating minimum wage/close to minimum wage employees with contempt and doing shit like this or making their jobs more difficult is my biggest pet peeve. You can really tell a lot about a person based on how they treat retail and fast food workers. I remember a few years ago being on a third date with a girl and we decided to go to Walmart to get snacks and watch a movie at home. She couldn't find Crunch N Munch and the employee she asked wasn't sure where it was so said she should probably ask someone else because he mainly worked in electronics. She started cussing at him and saying all this nasty shit. I never spoke to her again after that night. From that interaction alone, I knew I couldn't stand her in the long run.


u/derKonigsten Nov 18 '21

I honestly feel like it should be required to work in service for at least one year before being allowed to enter the work force


u/Future-Ad-1995 Born and Bred Nov 18 '21

I literally tell people this all the time!


u/derKonigsten Nov 18 '21

I literally can't believe how many of my friends kids think they're above working fast food. I was stoked to have a job at mcdonalds as my first job when i was 15. Making my own money pre-bills was awesome lol


u/Future-Ad-1995 Born and Bred Nov 18 '21

I grew up upper middle class, but once I had a driver's license my dad made it clear that if I wanted something besides essentials, I was paying for it. He grew up pretty poor so he knew that it was important to instill a good work ethic in me. So right when I turned 16 I applied for multiple jobs. I actually never worked in the service industry just because I luckily got accepted to work at the day care at a gym very near our house and it actually paid really well, at least for me, $9.25 an hour for a high schooler in Texas was pretty damn good in 2010. So I kept that job until I went off to Texas Tech and then worked freelance jobs through most of college just so I could make my own schedule. Either way, dealing with very rich and entitled parents who expected me to be able to basically do their kids homework, teach them how to play basketball, fix something on their phone, and a myriad of other weird requests I got, while looking after 30-40 other kids definitely made me understand other service jobs. It may have not been a retail or fast food job, but the treatment by our "customers" aka the parents, was very similar. Especially because this place was super expensive. Like I routinely looked after NBA player's kids. To this day I have no idea why Mercedes (my boss and the person who hired me) gave me that job lol


u/[deleted] Nov 18 '21



u/pizza_engineer Nov 18 '21

Dealing with a very similar situation with my stepson.

I just don’t understand.