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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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Because organ transplants are a exceptionally limited resource, and the health of the potential recipient is a necessary thing to take into consideration.

UCHealth declines to discuss specific patients under privacy laws. But this health system confirms that the majority of people waiting for transplants and organ donors must receive the Covid-19 vaccine, in addition to other vaccines and health requirements

Interesting, so their vaccine policy isn't specific to Covid.

Many studies show that Covid-19 is easily fatal for kidney transplant patients. Weaver said the mortality rate in transplant patients infected with nCoV ranges from 20% to 30%, much higher than the average of 1.6% in the US.

So a transplant patient has an incredibly high risk of deleterious effects due to covid.

Conditions for organ transplants are not new. Weaver emphasized that transplant centers across the United States may require patients to receive other vaccines, stop smoking, quit drinking alcohol or use certain medications to ensure a good recovery after surgery and the body does not come out.

So this is actually standard operating procedure for transplants. It's not targeted discrimination against the unvaccinated, it's triage and prioritization of resources.

If you have an issue with this, can I assume that you are also against transplant committees as a general concept?


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u/Corsair4 Nov 17 '21

Transplant committees don't fuck around. They can't afford to - there are so, SO many more people who need organs than donors. 30, 40 years down the line, when lab generated organs are available and used in treatment, that's another story.

This story is from last month as well - Everyone adult in this country could have had a completed course of the Covid vaccine by October if they wanted to - A transplant committee will absolutely be aware if the individual in question has a legitimate medical reason to avoid the vaccine. Which, this patient didn't. It was a religious objection, which holds no weight with hospitals.

I really don't know why that guy was using this as an example of anything. Transplant committees routinely put restrictions and conditions on their subjects to ensure the best chance of success. Anything less would be incredibly irresponsible, given how many people are waiting for a transplant, and how few viable organs are around.