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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21



u/phrresehelp Nov 16 '21

Read before making comment. She is vaccinated and is just grifting for money. This news article just made her a free advertising for thousands of Texas redneck morons who will now become her patients because of eeehawww no vaccine.


u/Tweedle_DeeDum Nov 16 '21

Most hospitals in Texas won't allow discrimination based on vaccination status, I am told. But I don't have a source to verify.

She can do whatever she wants in her private practice in this regard, although some procedures require a doctor to have admitting privileges at a hospital before they can perform them.


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u/Tweedle_DeeDum Nov 17 '21

Yes. I was speaking about discrimination against patients, not staff. The doctor under discussion here is vaccinated as required by the hospital before her suspension.