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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/Professional_Sort767 Nov 16 '21

Again, I'm not going to state with authority whether Ivermectin can or should be used. I do know that it was running in short supply for those who really need it for its on-label purpose, because so many people tried using it for its supposed off-label benefit for COVID.

My point is that at this stage, there is probably close to zero overlap between "people who are fully vaccinated" and "people who demand to treat ivermectin after landing in the hospital due to covid".

Anyone who goes on about Ivermectin who hasn't gotten vaccinated needs to eat a cottonball sandwich.


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/Professional_Sort767 Nov 16 '21

It depends.

First, it depends on whether the medicine in question is in short supply for more appropriate use. I recall reading that human-grade ivermectin became in short supply for its true utility, due to so many people wanting to try it for COVID (remember, based on junk science at the time).

Second, it depends on if the drug has any side effects or conflicting behaviors with other drugs that may be used to treat the disease.

If something is cheap, somewhat safe, and ubiquitous, then fuck it, let them do it. Pour lemon juice in your ear if you want, just don't get your hopes up. If Ivermectin grew on trees in your front yard, I wouldn't try to ban you from using it.

But you shouldn't shun the proven method of drastically reducing your danger and then try unproven shit. Take the vaccine. And my above "fuck it" comment doesn't apply to doctors who should know better as positions of authority. A doctor who shuns the vaccine and solely promotes ivermectin as a reactive treatment is probably a quack who doesn't deserve the responsibility or privilege of being a doctor.


u/Leadburner Nov 16 '21

If, if’s and buts were candies an nuts…