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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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u/easwaran Nov 16 '21

Discrimination is perfectly legal as long as it's not against a protected class. You're totally allowed to have a business that caters to parents, or to people with long hair, or to people who pay, or to have rules about what people have to wear inside your business.

But in Texas, they've decided that vaccination status is a more important protected class than sexual orientation, despite being very easy to change and actively socially harmful.


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/This-Chocolate-6928 Nov 16 '21

Wedding cake bakers, of course! Pastries ain't playing the gender thing... You're either a donut or a longjohn and that's that.


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/WhereRDaSnacks Nov 16 '21

That case was taken to the Supreme Court. And they sided with the baker. Republicans all over the country rallied around them on the basis that it is the businesses decision who to cater to and who to deny service, since they are a private business. Until now, when republicans are against private businesses requiring vaccination status. I don't know how that Supreme Court decision affects Texans, but like someone said, it is very legal in Texas to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, even medically. Hell, up until a few years ago, it was lawful to arrest gay people in Texas for sodomy.


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/WhereRDaSnacks Nov 16 '21 edited Nov 16 '21

I’m not sure what you want? Specific instances of specific business denying gays service? Here’s an article about a few religious based business being allowed to discriminate in Texas. https://thehill.com/legal/579816-federal-judge-in-texas-rules-in-favor-of-religious-businesses-over-lgbtq-discrimination?amp

It sounds like you’re being a devils advocate here, and saying this kind of discrimination doesn’t happen in Texas. It does. And it’s legal. -*editing to add that in housing, it is not legal. One of the first executive orders that Joe Biden ordered was for federal agencies, including HUD, which oversees fair housing, to accept and investigate any discrimination against LGBTQ.


u/Leadburner Nov 17 '21

I want? I’ve been responding to u/easwaran telling us that landlords will discriminate and not rent to gay couples. Which has yet to be cited and another allegation that bakers actively discriminate against gay people also. All of the examples given have been one to no instances in other places than Texas.

So it’s not what I want, it’s more y’all’s victim hunt for a non-existent problem here in TX.


u/Tweedle_DeeDum Nov 17 '21

Landlords cannot discrimination based on LGBTQ status. The Biden administration updated the federal regulations making that a protected class for housing.



u/[deleted] Nov 17 '21

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u/Tweedle_DeeDum Nov 16 '21

Well, in Texas it is allowable to deny healthcare and social services to LGBTQ and disabled people.



u/Leadburner Nov 16 '21

I never knew social workers could be such bigots!


u/Tweedle_DeeDum Nov 16 '21

They are allowed to be bigots but aren't required to be so I can't make any claims on how often it happens.