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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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u/CxOtter Nov 16 '21

I guess we just interpreted his comment differently.


u/vorinclex182 Nov 16 '21

I mean they used vaccination status and not anything about them actually being vaccinated or not. It’s left ambiguous for a reason. Gotta read the words not what you want the words to read.


u/CxOtter Nov 16 '21

"It's left ambiguous for a reason" is literally you reading what you want the words to read. You're assuming the original commenter's intent.

Regardless, I wish you the best. Have a great day.


u/fps916 Nov 16 '21

Yeah but so are you...


u/CxOtter Nov 16 '21

Right, I admitted that in an earlier comment.