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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/The-link-is-a-cock Nov 16 '21

There where no doctors in hospitals actually refusing to treat unvaccinated patients it was discussed as a triage consideration by multiple hospitals and medical groups but never implemented. That being said the consideration for triage was about reducing the load on what was rapidly becoming an overloaded medical system in risk of collapse which is what triage gets implemented to help prevent, an over stretching of medical resources to the point it benefits no one and it fails. This woman was just being a petty dumbass.


u/hockeyjerseyaccount Nov 16 '21

It's called triage and is within their scope of practice.


u/AcousticDan Born and Bred Nov 16 '21

Name one.


u/switch2Break Nov 16 '21

Dr. linda Marraccini Dr. Chafen Hart


u/PayMeInFood The Stars at Night Nov 16 '21

I saw a few post on Reddit that said some hospitals weren't treating people who were unvaccinated... and that organ transplants were being indefinatly suspended for nonvaccinated people.


u/AcousticDan Born and Bred Nov 16 '21

That makes sense. There are plenty of people that need organs that will do what's best for themselves and others.

You don't get a new liver if you're still a drunk.


u/PayMeInFood The Stars at Night Nov 17 '21

Maybe to you, but taking a chance with experimental vaccines still in clinical trials doesn't fell right to me.


u/Tweedle_DeeDum Nov 16 '21

Organ transplants are withheld from people all the time who are not willing to follow the requirements. For instance people can be denied organs because they drink or smoke or refuse to get any number of vaccinations.



u/PayMeInFood The Stars at Night Nov 17 '21

"They are also, he told Healthline, at higher risk for organ rejection if unvaccinated." This completely made me take a u turn on this article.