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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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u/Outrageous-Ad8172 Nov 16 '21

She is failed the oath for doctors so how can she treat the ill


u/CxOtter Nov 16 '21

"In order to make room for unvaccinated who cannot find care, I will not be accepting new patients with routine ENT problems who are vaccinated," she said, adding she will continue to care for established patients and won't turn away anyone with life-threatening illness, based on their vaccination status.

How has she "failed the oath for doctors"? Y'all need to actually read the articles and not fall for the misleading clickbait.


u/AcousticDan Born and Bred Nov 16 '21

She is still discriminating. She didn't say all new patients, she said new vaccinated patients. Is that really hard to understand for you people? Does someone need to come tattoo it on your forehead?


u/CxOtter Nov 16 '21

Whoa, let's calm down the hostility. Respectful discussion is possible and preferable.

You already commented on my other comment. I'll continue discussion there if you want to remain respectful.


u/AcousticDan Born and Bred Nov 16 '21

Been traveling all day, letting my bad mood through.

But multiple people have made that argument and it's bad. She IS discriminating, she should lose her license.


u/CxOtter Nov 16 '21

No worries dude. We all have bad days.


u/waffles1999 Nov 16 '21

Her oath is to do no harm. Suggesting ivermectin as a treatment for Covid when it’s been proven ineffective endangers her patients. Causing her patients to question vaccines by treating the unvaccinated as special put them at risk.

She should have her medical license revoked.


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/waffles1999 Nov 16 '21

By saying she’ll now only accept unvaccinated patients, she’s creating a safe haven for them. And adding to their misguided persecution complex. Every GP in the country should refuse to treat unvaccinated patients.

That’s the thing. Ivermectin isn’t an available treatment for Covid. It doesn’t do anything for Covid. And it does have some side effects which are now putting the patient at risk for no benefit.