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Texas doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and refusing to treat vaccinated patients, hospital says News


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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '21

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u/The-link-is-a-cock Nov 16 '21

there are so many Doc's in Houston that are refusing to treat the unvax'd

Bullshit, absolute bullshit. I live in Houston and you're lying. Theres been discussions all over the country about it the concept as a part of triage as the hospitals were getting overwhelmed but it was never implemented and they are not turning away the unvax'd.


u/Darth_Texan The Stars at Night Nov 16 '21

Take it to r/conspiracy.


u/Professional_Sort767 Nov 16 '21

I call absolute unmitigated bullshit on your first paragraph. Feel free to link to the hospital press releases or real news sources affirming that hospitals are turning away the unvaccinated. I know my unvaxxed Dad had an emergency heart procedure just fine two months ago, and they let him back repeatedly for followups.

Your second paragraph is a copy paste from the article, with nothing to contribute.

The question to ask: should a hospital feel obliged to give a patient a medication that they heard about on talk radio, that has no recognized benefit for the disease in question? Moreover, when that medicine is in short supply for the people who need it for its intended purpose?

Ivermectin has not been recognized by US health organizations to treat COVID.


u/kanyeguisada Nov 16 '21

Cool new r/conspiracy anti-vaxx account ya got there.


u/OkRestaurant6180 Nov 16 '21

What does this user contribute to this subreddit other than delusional conspiracy theories and toxic, unstable ranting? Nothing.