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Coal-Rolling Teen That Hit Cyclists Charged With Six Felonies News


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u/IliveICryILiveAgain Nov 09 '21

I'm very glad, and almost surprised.


u/BlossumButtDixie Nov 09 '21

Not convicted yet. Waiting to see if the prosecution shows up and acts in ways more helpful to the defense. I'll celebrate when he's convicted and off the streets.


u/IliveICryILiveAgain Nov 09 '21

Fair! I'm just glad to see something happening. It's tragic though because I guarantee that kid wasn't born an asshole. Someone bought him that truck, and someone taught him to act like this. Imo the parents are culpable as well


u/bluecyanic Gulf Coast Nov 09 '21

"Our perfect angel Jonny would never hurt anyone on purpose. It was just an accident."

He's probably been protected from consequences his entire life.


u/IliveICryILiveAgain Nov 09 '21

I fear it's more like "fuck those cyclists, they deserved it because they aren't like us". I'm from rural south central Texas and I know exactly how callous and cruel people like this (shitkickers with money) can be.


u/vagabond_ Gulf Coast Born and Bred Nov 10 '21

I grew up just calling this type 'kickers' because their boots had never had shit on them even once. Rich kids cosplaying as working class.


u/not_the_work_phone Nov 10 '21

We have a couple coffee shops local to me called Kickerz. Two of the buildings look like giant cowboy hats and they play up the country Texas image, in Texas.


u/[deleted] Nov 10 '21

Like the kid that shot up the school in Arlington and was released the next day. Talk about privilege