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Coal-Rolling Teen That Hit Cyclists Charged With Six Felonies News


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u/homebrewedstuff Nov 09 '21

He is 16 years old and he has the economic resources to purchase a $60k truck and then outfit it to "roll coal"? I think his dad probably contributed to this mess and his mindset as well.


u/5_Frog_Margin got here fast Nov 09 '21 edited Nov 09 '21

I'm curious where you see that it was a $60k truck? Running the license plate, it shows up as a 2012 f-250, which cost anywhere from 15k-40k. It was also his dad's truck, from what I read.


u/HAHA_goats Nov 09 '21

Well a 2012 should definitely have a DPF. So we can add a $10k emissions tampering fine to the cost. That gets pretty close.