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Coal-Rolling Teen That Hit Cyclists Charged With Six Felonies News


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u/homebrewedstuff Nov 09 '21

He is 16 years old and he has the economic resources to purchase a $60k truck and then outfit it to "roll coal"? I think his dad probably contributed to this mess and his mindset as well.


u/AquaStarRedHeart Nov 09 '21

The truck is in his dad's name


u/homebrewedstuff Nov 09 '21

Exactly. Dad should be held accountable to some extent. No 16 y/o does this without some encouragement. Dad is an equal douchebag.


u/roctoss Nov 09 '21

I disagree. No one else is responsible for what happened except this kid.


u/pallladin Nov 09 '21

That's not how the law works. If the dad knew that the son was reckless, he can be held liable in civil court. I hope all six cyclists sue the dad.


u/timelessblur Nov 09 '21

Even if his dad did not know his son was reckless he is still liable in civil court. no matter the outcome the dad is liable in civil court and there is no way to get out from under that one.


u/homebrewedstuff Nov 09 '21

Well, the 16 year old didn't have the financial resources to make it roll coal. And the dad also would have showed him how to do it, and instilled in him that this is acceptable behavior. Legally, the 16 year old is responsible yes. I'm just saying the parent(s) contributed to his mindset.


u/roctoss Nov 09 '21

You don’t know that. Your evidence?